Adventurer’s tale

Peppermint Fox 3rd Anniversary Tea Party

I usually find myself reading about big Jfashion events in Europe or America with pangs of jealousy. It seems like every other month there’s a big convention over stateside or one of my favourite brands is attending a tea party in the UK. Although we don’t have events of the same scale here I thought that perhaps it would be nice to write about some of the events that go on here!

This year Peppermint Fox’s Anniversary Tea Party was held in the Gables in Malvern East. This was their biggest tea party yet and the venue was also the grandest. Upon arrival, I was greeted by one of the designers and ushered into a private tea room away from the rest of the afternoon tea crowd.

I was a little bit late, so there weren’t many seats left to pick from, but as will be revealed later I’m glad that I ended up in this seat! Although it was still early in the morning I couldn’t say no to champagne. Not too long after, a tiered tray of savouries appeared in front of us.


There were more than enough savouries to get full off of, but I made the executive decision to not have all of the scones, in favour of leaving more stomach room for the sweets buffet. I think everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the overflowing spread of sweets in the front room of the Gables. Not all the sweets were labelled, so it was a bit of a gamble as to what you were going to get at times!

Halfway through the sweets, the door prizes were announced. Under every tea cup there was a quote from a book. For each different quote, there were different prizes. In a stroke of excellent luck, I managed to snap up the grand prize: the cutest cushion ever and the anniversary tiny companion of the year: Dandelion.

I almost managed to get through my plate of dessert before being ushered upstairs to the shopping area. VIPS got the first look at the new dress designs and a new line of cute accessories. After seeing the print for Botanica last year, I knew that I had to get my hands on at least one of the colour ways. The garden colour way was made up on the mannequin whereas the meadow fabric swatch was on display. The planetology print was also on display. The rich wine colour really and dinosaur bones looked luxurious but I also thought that the concept was so novel and fresh.

I picked up some cute things from the guest brand Me and Yue as well. Their hand-dyed flowers are just so precious and delicate! The small beige flowers go with almost everything I own.

The theme of Peppermint Fox’s third Anniversary tea party was adventurer’s tale. Whereas last year, I created an outfit that I thought would suit the adventurer when she was out in the woods exploring, I thought that I would explore the more scholarly side of the adventurer this time. I imagined the adventurer as a writing, crafting her own tales based off of her hijinks. The main points of the outfit were my round glasses, the peppermint fox book brooch and the jacket. I tried the combo with a few different dresses before settling on the Victorian maiden one piece that recently arrived.

(Guest photo by Miss Bonnie Jane)

The timing of the event was a little bit tight, with lots going on! Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to talk to everyone or eat everything. Everyone looked amazing and it was nice to talk to some new faces. As I always say, we’re so lucky to have such sweet indie designers right here in Melbourne! I hope to go to many more anniversary tea parties in the years to come.

To see more photos of the event and the upcoming Peppermint Fox collection check out their facebook or website!


International Lolita day 2015

My blog really seems like a food and travel blog for the most part at the moment. I thought that it would be nice to post up some photos from events that I have been to as well to help bulk up the fashion part of things!

Last year I helped Ejane host an international lolita day meet. The tea house, Impala and Peacock has a beautiful rustic vibe. Their high tea is served as a buffet and all the food is vegetarian. The theme of the event was fairy tale, but as always we usually aren’t very strict on themes!

I wore a snow white/little red riding hood themed coordinate. Initially, I wanted it to be little red riding hood, but I missed the crucial element of a hood!

Here are some other coordinates that I really liked on the day! (Feel free to use these photos and let me know if you would prefer to have them taken down)

Ejane had the prettiest nutcracker themed coordinate. I loved the flowers she stuffed into the shawl.Karen’s hair was so impressive.

I loved how regal Emily looked. And as always thanks to my friend Eric for driving ahahaha!

Let me know if you like short event posts like this or if I should just stick to what I know best: food!


Haul and Peppermint Fox Tea Emblem Review

I’ve been trying to save up this year so that I can do some more traveling, but somehow I still have another haul to post about! Some of these purchases were actually spread out over a few months but they all arrived at a similar time so I’m blogging about them all here!

Closet child and From Japan Haul


I’m pretty pleased with myself for finding these Mary Magdalene coats for really decent prices. To be honest, the colours are not what I was expecting for either coat. The light galette de rois coat is a lot more beige than I envisaged. I’m a little unsure of if I have the milk tea or latte colour way, but judging from model photos the fur indicates that it is milk tea even though it errs on the side of brown instead of cream. As for the brown francette coat, the seller’s photos made it seem black! Alas, my search for a black Lolita coat continues. They are however both adorable and infinitely versatile. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough for me to wear them!


I already have these IW shoes in white but when I saw the brown ones for a good price I knew that I needed buy the brown ones as well. If they are anything like the white ones, I know that they will be super comfortable and add that extra special little touch to a lot of outfits.


I also picked up a sock and stocking set from yahoo auctions. I really only bought up the sock set for the Queen’s Coach OTKS, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for the other socks. Although I will probably end up selling the IW striped socks as they are just a bit too old school for me.

This cute pink AP blouse is from Closet Child. I instantly snapped it up when the site updated. Despite having a lot of pink blouses none are in this shade, or are nearly as interesting.


In a stroke of god luck I also happened upon the head bow in navy for Queen’s Coach for Alice and the Pirates.  Now, with this recent haul I finally have a complete set, not counting lucky pack sets!

Tea Emblem by peppermint fox

I was lucky enough to be able to reserve and pick up some things from Peppermint Fox’s Tea Emblem range. When I went to pick this up they had run out of stickers to put on the box but I was quickly consoled by these cute illustrations. As always the Peppermint Fox packaging is impeccable. I love getting the post card illustrations and unwrapping the tissue paper to reveal the things inside!



I ordered the earl grey size 1 dress. The milk tea colour way was also incredibly tempting. If I had all the money in the world I would have also tried to purchase the pink as well, just because it fits so nicely with the colours in my wardrobe. In the end, earl grey won out because of how unusual the colour scheme is for lolita. It also had that instant wow factor at the Peppermint fox tea party when I got to see it in person!

It is clear that a lot of effort was put into the illustrations on the dress. The tea packaging concept shines throughout. It can’t really be seen in the photographs but on some of the labels there is a slight tea stain. At first I was a little alarmed because I thought that I had gotten something on my dress, but after realizing it was part of the illustration I was instantly smitten. As someone who drinks tea pretty often, I can safely say that I have spilled tea almost everywhere! This dress really captures the whole aesthetic of the tea drinker!

This release is the first time Peppermint Fox employed a professional seamstress to make their dresses and it does show in the cleaner construction. I have also been told that the sizing for this dress is a little bit different to their previous dresses due to this. However, I found that a size 1 was perfect for me, leaving just enough room to wear with a blouse underneath.

The main issue with this dress is the fabric. I really appreciated how they changed things up from the usual chiffon to this fabric. It feels really luxurious and has a lovely sheen to it that is difficult to capture on camera, but is stunning in real life. One of my friends couldn’t stop touching it when we went out together! However, out of all the dresses I have, the fabric on this snags and catches the most. After wearing it out for a few hours with a straw basket, I found that there were slight snags everywhere where I had been resting my basket. Personally. I’m not very fussy when it comes to minor damage in my Lolita clothes, but if you’re someone who has to keep everything in pristine condition, this will probably bother you.


Let’s take a closer look at the accessories now.


After seeing them I couldn’t resist picking up a bunch of them. The tea bags from the cardigan clip set are particularly lovely. I wish that I had an actual tea bag like this, so that I could sip on the florals.

The flower broach is on the larger side but the light neutral colours make it really easy to coordinate with almost everything that I wear.


I was a bit surprised by the barrette, because I wasn’t expecting the golden ribbon on the side. However, I think it’s a cute touch and helps to accentuate the gold waist ribbon and gold in the print.

Finally, some pictures of me wearing the jsk and the flower broach in a summery coordinate.

I’m really happy with this release from Peppermint Fox and I’m thankful that I managed to reserve it at the tea party instead of having to fight for it online! My only issue is with the fabric snagging so much, but to be honest I don’t think that I would have minded as much if it weren’t for people pointing it out!

Edit: I have since hand washed the jsk according to the instructions and it has held up really well to washing. However, on closer examination the snags on the side of the dress had gone a little fuzzy and are more noticeable than I realised. In hindsight, I really should have not worn this with a straw basket!! I imagine a similar thing can happen with wooden benches and on the grass. That said, I’m still in love with the illustration, and if this was re-released in a different fabric I would really have to consider getting it.

One dress 5 looks (and one bonus look!)

I really love seeing the same dress worn different ways. I remember a while back a lot of lolita blogs were doing posts on this theme, so I thought that I would give it a go myself! I actually took the photos for this post last year but only got to writing this up now. Please excuse how dubious some of the photos look, because at the time I only had my phone camera and for some reason I thought that it would be nice to take photos in the middle of a blindingly sunny day.

For this challenge, let’s call it a challenge, I chose one of my most versatile and favourite dresses! Metamorphose’s pintucks JSK in navy. Here’s a bonus photo of me wearing it out and about. The weird marks on my legs are actually part of the tattoo tights I was wearing, but sadly I didn’t get a picture of the actual cute pattern on the tights.

  1. Fancy OTTDSC_0407

This JSK can be completely unbuttoned and worn as an overdress. Layering everything up really helps make this outfit look decadent and gorgeous. The princess sleeve blouses help to mimic the layering at the hem of the outfit and I think they are just perfect for all OTT classic outfits. On the other hand, I decided to use normal pumps instead of lolita shoes to balance with the black hat and make the whole thing look a little bit more classy.

Blouse: BTSSB
JSK: Metamorphose
Hat: Axes femme
Shoes: Random store in taskeshita dori
Accessories: Lovisa, taobao, peppermint fox

  1. Retro InspiredDSC_0417

I think cute cardigans and scarves instantly add a retro look to almost everything. I chose to go blouse-less to make the whole thing look a little bit more streamlined. This is a slightly less conventional lolita look and I hope to actually wear something like this soon! On a side note, the tights are actually a very pale grey/blue with a cut out pattern on the side but the lighting refused to cooperate.

Cardigan: Taiwanese brand
Hat: Gift from my mum
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: DreamV
Accessories: Gregory lagner (Aus brand), Paris Kids

  1. Monochrome (Almost)

I wanted to try a monochrome look, but I realised that I actually don’t own any navy shoes. I hope to rectify that this year though! Looking at this now, I think it could have done with some neck accessories or broaches to break up all that blue.

Blouse: Taobao (forgotten name of brand)
Tights: Taobao (forget again ;A;)
Shoes: Ebay
Accessories: Random Taipei finds and gifts

  1. WinterDSC_0419

On a cold day, this ideally would be worn underneath a coat. I love lolita looks with fur trims. It reminds me of wintery photo shoots and old timey Russian princesses. The BTSSB bolero is actually a bit of a challenge to coordinate because the ribbon is a true white, but the bolero itself is a bit more cream/ivory coloured. To balance this out I went with a white hat and slightly more ivory boots.

Blouse: Epanoir (Taiwanese brand)
Bolero: BTSSB
Boots: Taiwanese brand
Rights: Forever New
Hat: Handmade
Accessories: Innocent World, Sheglit, Taobao

  1. Summer picnicDSC_0423

This is actually one of my favourites genres? Sub styles? I think I’m just obsessed with straw basket bags! Sadly the lighting sort of overexposed everything again. The socks had flowers with yellow on the inside and white petals.

Blouse: Happy (Taiwanese brand)
Socks: Tutuanna
Hat: Taobao
Shoes: Ebay
Accessories: Taobao, paris kids, innocent world, ebay

I could have actually kept going with this challenge and created even more outfits. However, I had already spent a significant amount of time putting together outfits and taking photos. Any more and my whole day would have been gone! In any case, this was certainly inspiring for me, and it helped me pull out some of my less used items to put together a coord. I hope you also found some inspiration as well.

Innocent World 2016 Lucky Pack Review

Innocent World 2016 New Year Happy Set B Review

Whew, what a long title! The Innocent World 2016 Lucky Pack has been sitting in my room for the past few days, so I figured it was finally time to open it up, dump out all the contents and share my impressions with you guys.


I ordered the Happy Bag pretty soon after they were put on the website on the 1st of December. This was a reservation item, so Innocent World would not invoice me or ship until a later date, presumably closer to New Years considering that it’s a New Year’s Lucky Pack.

It was still pretty nerve wracking though because I didn’t get any confirmation that I had actually succeeded in ordering the lucky pack until I was finally invoiced on January 3rd. I think if I emailed Innocent World in the interim with my order number they would be able to confirm my purchase. However, requiring the customer to do extra work in this scenario seems rather counter intuitive as a whole.

On the 3rd of January and requested that they mail my package out on the 21st of January as I would be overseas and unable to pick everything up. Innocent world were more than happy to do this and on the 21st I was sent an email with all the tracking information. Due to public holidays it didn’t arrive until the 27th of February.

Despite the weird limbo I was in for most of December when I was unsure whether I had actually managed to get my lucky pack, I would still rate Innocent World’s customer service very highly. Their prompt email responses and willingness to ship at a later date were great. I just hope that they streamline their shopping system for overseas customers in the future and allow us to use the shopping cart instead of cumbersome emails.


Now onto what you’ve been waiting for, a good look at what’s inside the lucky pack!


Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki OP (left) and Roze Maiden Sugintou OP (right). Let’s get these two dresses out of the way first. I’ll be selling both of these because I really can’t see myself wearing them. In the context of anime collabs, the OPS are both of great quality. It almost feels like a shame to see so much beautiful Innocent World lace used on these cosplay-esque dresses. On closer examination, I also noticed that the rose frabric is custom made. Near the hem of both dresses, the words Rozen Maiden encircle the delicate roses. A nice touch for any Rozen Maiden fan, which sadly, I am not.

Next up, the special Happy Pack version of Strawberry Field. The sweet print and dark colours make this something that I would not typically wear but when I put together a quick coord, I really liked the result.  I also find the red lace at the bottom a bit too vibrant in photos but it actually looks pretty good when worn.



Some more odds and ends: High Collar Blouse (unknown), Napoleon Knitted Jacket, Torchon Socks, over the knee socks and a cute blue bow barrette. The blouse is just a fairly standard high collar blouse. I’m a bit sad that it’s a cotton and poly blend, so it’s not as soft and light as my other Innocent World blouses. I’m hoping that I can figure out an interesting coord with the Napoleon Knitted Jacket. As for the socks and barette, one can never have too many of those can they?

To be honest I was rather disappointed with this lucky pack. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get a Rozen Maiden collaboration item, so to get two is a bit disheartening. Looking at the lucky pack image again, I’m also a bit upset that I didn’t get two hair accessories like in the image, when I got almost everything else. On the other hand, I do think that what I got are the best collab items of the series and it might be a good push to start cosplaying again this year if I can’t sell them. As for the other items, I like having them in my wardrobe for now but time will tell if I will ever actually wear them.



Recently I ordered a whole bunch of things off of yahoo auctions, mistakenly thinking that I had a lot of disposable income. (Whereas, in fact, I did not.) This order was a bit of a mixed bag of lolita, otome and himekaji gear that I managed to scoop up for pretty decent prices.

The lolita stuff was mostly from innocent world. I had been eyeing the blouse on the webstore for a while but sold out before I had a chance to grab one. The bolero is my first ever innocent world bolero. To be honest, the thing I was most excited about was the sock pack! I couldn’t go past it for 5000 yen, especially because I’m pretty lacking in leg wear.


I was also surprised at just how much I really liked the hime kaji stuff. Everything looks pretty cohesive together and the Liz Lisa cape is super warm, though it is missing the fur around the collar.

I wore the Ank Rouge dress out a few days back and although it is a bit  on the boxier size I liked how it was longer than all my other hime kaji dresses and the print is just too cute!

As always, I used From Japan! ( As my proxy bidding service, and as always it was easy to use, though as always shipping ended up being very expensive!

Haul Haul Haul (part 1)


I have a tiny bit of a problem. When I am stressed, especially late at night, I like to buy things. Recently I’ve had a few assignments to write and a few (very) late nights. As a result I have a lot of nice new things. I’m currently waiting for a second round of packages to arrive but I thought that I would post up a small haul post.

First, my Yahoo Auctions haul. In a classic tale of Lolita heart break, I was outbid on a dress that I really wanted. (Well a few dresses that I really wanted to be honest) In my bitter indignation and outrage I just randomly revenge bid on an assortment of other items.

tops iw shoes

I am really happy with the vintage axes femme hat and the innocent world shoes. On the other hand I am bit sad about the fit of the BTSSB blouse. It looks cute under a JSK but I think my bust might be a touch too big for it and the colour is a bit on the unusual side making it difficult to co-ord. The other things I got were a Mary Magdalene cardigan and Liz Lisa Dress. Bidding on all these small items really slayed me when it came to paying the shipping and commissions fees. I totally underestimated how much internal shipping in Japan would be and forgot to take into account the 5% fees that are charged when it comes to payment.

bl shoes

Now, onto my bodyline order. I saw that Bodyline was having a sale so I decided to get some more shoes to replace mine that were falling apart and also some items for a cosplay that I may or may not do…

sad scuff

I already own the pink shoes in red, dark red and black but they are so versatile and cheap that I could totally justify getting another pair. The only thing I am bit disappointed about is the fact that Bodyline shipped these out in a large parcel instead of a box. As a result my shoes arrived a little bit scuffed. I’m not terribly fussed as I scuff my shoes like crazy and this would have happened anyway but it is a bit of a downgrade from the last time I bought shoes from them and they came in the shoe boxes and in pristine condition.

detail dat ap lace

Last but not least, I actually bought this dress first from lacemarket. However a tough time with USPS and their not so great tracking meant that this came last out of all my packages. Earlier this year I was just overcome with the desire to collect more sweet dresses and was on a desperate hunt for my AP dream pieces. Soon after one of my all time dream dresses popped up on lace market. Petit Patisserie! In Mint! I somewhat overpaid for it due to the terrible exchange rate but it is so adorable and the illustrations are just delicious. Even thinking about the cake on the dress makes me a bit hungry.

petite patisserie

Strawberry Marmalade by Down the Rabbit Hole [Indie Brand review]


I had this typed out a while back but then my computer shut down without my saving anything…. So I got frustrated and put this review off for a while. Here it is now though! Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Strawberry Marmalade by Down the Rabbit Hole [Indie Brand review]



I first saw this dress on facebook and immediately fell in love. I found the print so adorable and charming but at the same time I wanted to save up for my upcoming trip to Japan. It comes in 4 unique colours, beige, brown, blue and pink. I ordered the beige in S/M after some facebook consultation I decided on the beige.

Down The Rabbit Hole is a new indie brand based on Korea. From what I can tell their first release is Strawberry Marmalade.

Their fb is:
Their naver (Korean) is:

Order process:

For reference, the timeline that they gave on their fb was:

Reservation period : 2-Jan/15 ~ 11-Jan/15
Making period : 12-Jan/15 ~ 13-Feb/15
Sending period : 16-Feb/15 ~ 25-Feb/15

Like with most other indie brands, down the rabbit hole requires an email order. Cutting it close, I emailed on the last day of reservation 11th Jan. As always it was pretty straightforward but I made a minor mistake in saying that I wanted the white colour way. They were quick to respond and confirmed that I meant beige. They invoiced me on 12th of Jan. Unfortunately that’s where things became not so smooth. After paying there were no updates from Down the Rabbit Hole. As making a dress takes some time I wasn’t all that worried, however as time went on there were no updates on their fb or naver page of what the status of the dresses were. As this was a new indie brand I started to get rather nervous, fearful that I wouldn’t end up getting a dress at all!

On the 15th of Feb after I returned from my trip overseas I finally contacted them. They replied the next day saying that the dress was in the finishing stages but shipping would be a bit delayed because there was a public holiday in Korea at the time and the post would be closed. As promised in the email, the dress was shipped on the 23rd of Feb and Down The Rabbit Hole emailed me with the tracking number.  It arrived prettily quickly soon after as expected of EMS.



It came in a nice large box (with some confused ticks and crosses on the shipping confirmation ahahaha) that was well taped up. In addition they included some cute, seemingly handmade candy and a handwritten note on some adorably cute stationary. The waist bow was also packaged neatly.

The dress:

The fabric is a textured cotton. It is a bit rougher and thicker than similar cottons from the brand dresses that I own. The only problem with this type of material and this dress colour is that it tends to attract a lot of dust/flyaway bits and it really stands out against the light beige.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The dress is fully lined and the stitching inside and out is very neat. There were hardly any loose threads. The back of the dress features shirring and some lacing. As mentioned in the enclosed note, this type of lacing tends to be more on the fragile side and if you tug too hard the lace might end up breaking ;A; I tend to really dislike this sort of shirring as I’m always worried about the lace getting tugged too hard but I will say that it tends to look cuter.


You can also see that the buttons are a cute little ribbon shape and a very shiny gold colour. It’s a bit hard to get the buttons through the holes but I think that will be fixed with more wear. The strap is also longer so if you have a longer or shorter torso you can re-adjust the strap length.


What made me a little hesitant in ordering was the lace. I didn’t really like the lace detailing on the bodice or as a trim in the stock photos, but it actually looks rather nice in real life. Though not nearly as detailed as say AP lace the flower trim gives the dress a whimsical and casual feel.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Now onto the print. Unfortunately it doesn’t line up at the bodice, but this was already evident from the stock pictures. However, the main skirt portion is beautiful. The print is crisp and vibrant and oh so adorable! This is listed as the beige colourway but it is definitely a bit more yellow toned than the stock photos make it look.


The one obvious flaw that I noticed as soon as I pulled it out of the bag was this small mark on the bodice area. I assume this is chalk or ink from the manufacturing process but it is easily washed off.

The fit:

I was a bit worried about the bodice fitting very strangely at first, but overall the fit is very good. There is a little more room than I like at the top of the bodice, at times creating a bit of a gape but I’m sure this could be fixed by lacing it a bit more tightly.

It looks best with moderate amounts of puff in my opinion. Here are some co-ords that I wore with it.One more casual and the other for my local communities Easter meet up. As the days get shorter it’s harder to get good photos so sorry about the weird lighting.



Ease of ordering: 5/5
Communication: 2.5/5
Product: 4/5
Total: 3.8/5
Overall, I really love the jsk, minor things aside. For a new brand the product is really polished and branding super clear. The main issue I had was, of course, with the lack of communication with Down the Rabbit Hole. As they are new onto the scene I hope that they sort out the communication problems as they continue to do more releases. Even a few update pictures on their websites would be helpful. Otherwise, the end product is lovely and I think I will be wearing this one a fair bit.

DSC_0456 DSC_0455  DSC_0459

That was a bit long. Thanks for sticking with me to the end!

Over the moon for Moomin

This is a little throwback to my time studying aboard in Japan in the Spring/Summer of 2014. Moomin foods Before going to Japan I did not know all that much about Moomin, but I had seen pictures of Moomin cafe floating around on the internet. The friendly looking Moomin plushies and just the general decor looked so adorable, putting it at the top of my ‘must visit’ cafes when I went to Tokyo. Luckily one of my friends, Jeremy, who is teaching English in Japan was willing to come on this little adventure with me. So one sunny April Sunday we set off to dine with Moomin. The cafe that we went to is located in Tokyo Dome City, a short walk from Suidobashi station. Even with the power of google maps helping us at first we were a little confused as to where the cafe was and ended up wandering up and down the street and a bridge a few times. Eventually we realised that it was actually inside the small amusement park that we could see from the bridge. DSC02256   Being a weekend, the line for the cafe was rather… sizable to say the least. One thing about Japan (and Melbourne actually) is that people are really willing to line up for things. So, if you do go anywhere popular I suggest bringing a buddy who you can chat with! Jeremy and I had some sneaky crepes while in line and caught up with each other. DSC02259 DSC02261   The interior of the cafe is utterly charming with Moomin characters decorating the walls and ceiling. The decor had the whimsical feel of the Finnish story books and the staff were also dressed in adorable uniforms. We were just a touch too late to have the lunch menu, so we picked from the tea time menu instead. As with all themed cafes the food is a bit more expensive than your regular run of the mill cafe. The good thing about the Moomin cafe though, is that with the meals there is all you can eat bread and that the food is actually pretty tasty. We ordered lattes decorated with the Moomin characters for drinks and a soup/salad set as well as a omurice. Notice how cute the cutlery is! DSC02266 In the cafe there are lots of plushies of Moomin characters who sit with you while you dine. For this reason Moomin cafe has become sort of internet famous as the ‘anti-loneliness cafe in Japan’.  The staff come around and say that there is someone who would like to dine with you and then they place a plush at your table. As the meal goes on they tend to rotate the plushies around as well so that you get to sit with a few different characters. At first Moomin Papa came to sit with us and then Moomin Mama arrived! 

DSC02268Moomin papap feasts on sweets

(Yes, we also had sweets because we are fatties)

There’s also a gift shop and bakery attached to the cafe. It had all sorts of goodies, like the cutlery that you use in the cafe, pens, bentos and key chains. I bought some post cards and a little folder. Then we wandered around the amusement park, looking at the kids running around, the Ferris Wheel and also the surprisingly intense looking roller coaster. DSC02286I definitely recommend visiting the Moomin cafe if you ever have the chance. Like all themed cafes the food isn’t the best in the world but it is cute and rather tasty.  Moreover,  the atmosphere of the place is worth experiencing at least once. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Moomin! To be honest, I wasn’t before this visit, but the cafe converted me over to loving the cute little troll creature.

If you’re interested in going visit the homepage for more info:  Take note of the opening hours, as well as the last order times. Also, if you’re dead set on eating something particular take note of the menus and what time of the day they change. I would say, be prepared to go earlier than the times, as you may have to wait in line for a while.  Lastly, my oot for the day. Sorry for how blurry the photo is! You can see the entrance of my dorm in this photo and my shoe closet though. 

DSC02254Wig: Bodyline  Shirt: Taobao  Skirt: Bought in Shimokitazawa  Socks: Tutuanna  Cardigan: Wonder Rocket  Shoes: Bought in Shinsaibashi

Let me know if you’ve been to Moomin cafe and your impressions. See you soon! (I hope)