Mina no ie

With a name like Mina no ie (meaning everyone’s home) this unassuming venue seems to have lofty aspirations. Although mina no ie isn’t exactly what my ideal home would look or feel like, the large windows, wide tables and open space invite relaxation and lingering. You would be forgiven for thinking that Mina no ie is far away from the inner city crowds, but this quiet, contemplative space is merely a short stroll away from the main Smith Street drag.


Before I get into what we ordered, I’ll just say that I was completely smitten with almost all of the cutlery and tableware used. If I had my own place and all the money in the world, I would probably buy a set of everything. Just as well I don’t, because there’s also an adjoining store that sells some of their wares. If you’re a little bit more cashed up than me I recommend that you get a little bit of everything, or at the very least a set of knives, spoons and cups.


The scent of Genmai Cha always reminds me of walking down Kawagoe and passing by tea stores roasting brown rice for this tea. The genmai cha at mina no ie had a pleasant roasted flavour that didn’t overpower the more delicate green tea. It also had the bonus of being presented in this charming teapot and cup set.


I was feeling a little under the weather so the House made lemon ginger tea seemed like an obvious choice. It was everything I wanted: sweet, comforting, warming and full of good things.



Soba with onsen egg and kake tsuyu was Ryan’s choice. The tsuyu was strongly flavoured. When accompanied with the buckwheat noodles, it was a real umami hit. The onsen egg also managed to make me wonderfully nostalgic for my student days in japan, and the onsen eggs that I would crack atop of almost everything.


The Monthly lunch plate lets you pick a chicken, red meat or vegetable main to have alongside two side dishes and rice. I reasoned that more vegetables would help me fight off my cold, so I went with the vegetable option which was a grilled eggplant. Although the eggplant was soft and delicious the real highlight was the nutty sesame dressing on the broccoli. There were actually candied nuts which added a crunch and sweetness to the side dish that I never would have thought could work! Perhaps the dish would be better completed with a meat option or I was just feeling envy over Ryan’s egg but I felt that this could have done with a little bit more, something, to complete it.

After a morning of gorging ourselves on pastries, this light lunch was just what we needed. The servings aren’t very large, but it felt good to walk away from a restaurant satiated rather than completely stuffed for once. Mina no ie may not be anyone’s home, but it certainly is a homely place to visit.


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P.S apologies for reposting. I had some issues when I first uploaded this post.


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