Middletown cafe

What is your preference when you go out to brunch? Are you the sort of person who is into a good rendition of the simple things or someone who is out there chasing the most innovative and trending brunch fare?

Middletown cafe bills itself on being royal but still close to the people. In a way that is what brunch has become: increasingly fine dining yet still accessible to most. The decor at Middletown certainly looks the part. Large windows, bright marble tables and fresh flowers made the whole space feel light and airy. The bench tops seemed like a place where a solo diner would be welcome, not only to enjoy the food but also take many photos of the oh so instagrammable interior and dishes.

On this occasion I was brunching with my parents. My mum found the coffee a little lacklustre for the price, but I think that it may be because she isn’t all that fond of beans from code black coffee.

middletown cafe

I didn’t feel like having anything meaty that day so the grilled broccolini seemed like the perfect choice. The vegetables were crisp and had a lovely char grilled flavour that helped add interest. The compressed pear was actually the stand out element as it added some freshness. I was left wondering how they had compressed a pear!

middletown cafe fish

I snuck in a bite of the pickled mackerel that my dad ordered. Little known fact, mackerel is actually one of my all time favourite fish. In particular, I love the unique fishy taste of mackerel sashimi. Following that logic, I was pretty taken with the bits that I tried. Dad thought that the dish was probably a bit too complicated. That is some of the elements, such as the cheese could have been paired back or done away with altogether to create something less confusing.

middletown cafe duck

The confit duck sat atop one of the largest hash brown? potato fritter? that I had ever seen. The duck itself was perfectly cooked. The crispy outer skin complimented the juicy savoury duck meat incredibly well. The slaw helped lighten everything up a little and was just a very pretty bright green colour.

My parents weren’t particularly impressed with the brunch offerings, feeling that they were too fancy when something a bit more paired back would have sufficed. That said, I rather enjoyed myself and the inventive dishes.

P.s This visit took place a few months ago so the menu has since changed! My backlog is really just that bad.

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