IMBUE Summer Edition

While it was still in the midst of Summer I attended a tea and food pairing event hosted by IMBUE. This post is going to be more of a photo essay, to better get across the flow of the event. For a more in depth write up check out my previous blog post on IMBUE brunch edition.

The weather was an erratic mix of sunshine, rain and hail so we were seated inside.


Summer Fizz (Carbonated jasmine tea and blueberries)


Mushroom Bruschetta with White puerh bud tea


Nigiri Trio and Himalayan Snow Bud Tea


Pork Belly sandwich with Formosa Oriental beauty tea. Both of my friends commented that this was the stand out dish of the day.


Oolong Icecream. This was my favourite because it was everything that I loved: oolong, osmanthus, ice cream and waffle cones. I would happily eat this  every day if I had the option.


Chocolate Brownie with Da Hong Pao tea. I loved this tea so much. It had an intensity and smooth mellow depth of flavour that I adored and haven’t really encountered before.

This was another fantastic event from IMBUE. Every from the pairings to the flow of conversation ebbed along the afternoon. Before we knew it hours had passed and we left full of good food, tea and memories.



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