There’s something about Melbourne lane ways. Tourists love taking photos with all the street art. Every guide book on the city will probably mention them more than once. Melbournians can’t help but wax lyrical about their quirky little lanes when asked. Sure, shopping centres are getting bigger and shinier but as a local, I’m glad that lane way culture is still very much alive. With good reason too considering that these little side streets also house a plethora of delicious food venues. Every time I walk down the street into Krimper it always feels like I’m discovering one of the hidden gems that lane way culture is all about.

The interior of Krimper reflects a brunch scene that was still in the throes of a cross between industrialised chic and interesting bric a brac. This just means that the furniture is a bit more haphazard and the venue isn’t as brightly lit as it could be. However, there’s still lots of charm in the exposed walls and the open shipping container with a table in the middle of it in the space.


Even though it’s Autumn, Melbourne is still sweltering away with 30 degree days almost everyday. This meant forsaking my usual tea for a cold brew instead. The baristas were so kind as to let us sample the two different kinds of cold brew they had that day. One of the brews was fruitier and had a more intense flavour.I favoured the other brew which was lighter in colour and taste, making it incredibly easy to knock back.


I’m actually on a bit of a health kick; so the chickpea tabouli seemed like the obvious choice. The serving looked to be on the smaller side for a salad dish, but this made sense after I tucked into it. Unlike other salad bowls which need a good bit of mixing before there’s much flavour, every mouthful was already well seasoned. The charred asparagus, salty fried kale, and crisp snap peas added even more interest to an already flavour packed dish.


My friend ordered the mac and cheese from the specials board. The little pan that this was served in was incredibly cute. I had a cheeky bite. It was cheesy and rich without being too heavy. I can see this doing double service as a heavy brunch option or just a regular lunch!

Every time I have been to Krimper there’s always a pleasant buzz. It’s never too full and the staff don’t mind you lingering and chatting away.When the crowds in Hardware street and all the shopping centres get too much this is the perfect place to sit back and relax over some food and coffee.
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