Sun Moth Canteen & Bar

Have you noticed that a lot of restaurant names mainly consist of two often unrelated words. I wonder why that is. Who decides on them? Do people just go to a random word generator and pick the first two things that come up? Is a sun moth a moth that is attracted to sunlight? In some strange and nonsensical way, all these questions lead to my review of Sun Moth Canteen & Bar.

Tucked away from the main Melbourne thoroughfare, Sun and Moth is a surprisingly spacious and chilled venue. There are plenty of large tables, ready for a group or a solo diner wanting to get some work done.


The Super Grain Bowl seemed like the obvious choice for me. That is, I wanted to eat healthily, but was also craving eggs. The portion wasn’t that large, but each individual element of the dish was seasoned to perfection. The tofu and kale were stand outs. The crispy fried egg was just the cherry on top.


Both my lunch buddies were partial to the beef cheek sandwich. This was saucy, cheesy and filling. It was a great sandwich in its own right, but also fantastic with the craft beers that they had.

I’ve forgotten the names of the craft beers that we tried. However, on that warm afternoon, they hit the spot. I’m told that the coffee was also of a pretty good standard.

Unlike my confused ponderings, Sun Moth Canteen is a pretty straight forward. It serves tasty and satisfying food along with a cool selection of drinks for a decent price. When you’ve got too much on your mind, or things have got you down, this is a place that you can rely on.
Sun Moth Canteen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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