New School Canteen

Speaking of new, New School Canteen had only been open for a few weeks when we visited. This all-day eatery serves up brunch until 4 and burgers all day, every day. As tempting as the burgers sounded, we were there for breakfast. Burgers would have to wait for another day.

When I sat down the first thing I noticed was just how large the tables were! The pristine white tables could have comfortably sat 3. Alternatively, the more gluttonous amongst us would have no trouble finding table space for more dishes at the same time.


It was a warm day so a cold drip seemed appropriate. This was an excellent cold drip. It had the coffee kick that you want, without being too bitter or sour. My earl grey tea from Camellia Tea was a little over brewed. As a result, it was decidedly bitter, but still drinkable with the addition of milk.



The Scotch was a real stunner. Cutting open the scotch eggs revealed beautiful runny yolk. The meat wasn’t as flavoursome as it could have been but the pickled vegetables and crispy bacon added some of the much needed salt factor. The undeniable highlight of the dish was the piece of cheesy toast on the side. I would happily order 5 of the toasts and just have that for brunch!


House Smoked Salmon is something that I can never resist. The addition of yabbies and salmon caviar was a twist that I had never seen before. The aforementioned cavier turned out to be the very familiar ikura, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Initially, I thought that the eggs could do with some more seasoning but when I had the runny yoke together with the salty ikura I understood what they were aiming for. The smoked salmon was also one of the best pieces of smoked salmon I have had the pleasure of eating. Although this was marked as a gluten free dish I feel that the addition of a piece of toast would have completed this.

It seems like New School Canteen is making a name for itself in the burger game, but don’t forget to check out their brunch items either. I feel that given some time, this place will do very well and make quite the name for itself. So do yourself a favour and check it out before everyone else does.

New School Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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