Darling Street Espresso

If there’s one thing that stands out about Melbourne, it is the incredible coffee and brunch culture. I don’t think there’s anywhere else that pumps out such quality cups of coffee no matter where you are. My mother is a regular caffeine addict. After a few months overseas she was starved for a good cup of creamy Melbourne coffee. So, right after she got off her flight she demanded that we take her out for brunch with nary a stop home!

At the airport, I frantically started searching for a new and exciting brunch place that wasn’t too far away. Darling Street Espresso stood out from the usual suspects, namely because I had never heard of it before despite it being so close to home.

I started getting worried as we approached the address. There was nary a shop or cafe in sight as we drove down the residential area. Our trust in google maps paid off as we found ourselves in front of a most charming brick exterior. We soon settled comfortably into a large communal table full of natural sunshine, ready to be caffeinated and fed.

A mug of latte and a regular cappuccino were quickly ordered. My usual tea order was also had.


As a connoisseur of sandwiches Ryan was taken in by the Ruben pressed panini. Dare I say, I enjoyed this much more than the other more traditional Ruben sandwiches that I have tried before.


The breakfast board was a veritable feast. The smell of fatty lamb ribs had me salivating as it was put down in front of us. I enjoy a good avocado on toast as much as anyone else. I appreciated how this rendition wasn’t too smashed and I could still enjoy the different texture of the avocado pieces. The muesli bowl was a little less memorable. I would be reticent to order a whole one for breakfast, but it was nice to have something a little bit more healthy after consuming all that lamb.


The salmon okonomiyaki was an interesting breakfast item. It was more okonomiyaki inspired than actual okonomiyaki, which is just as well because I find the idea of having okonomiyaki for breakfast a bit strange. The unusual combination of basil, salmon, and bonito actually worked together surprisingly well.

Although we had set out for coffee, in the end, it was the food that made a bigger impression! If you’re close to Darling Street Espresso I urge you to give it a try. It felt like such a revelation to discover such a gem right in my backyard. Even if you’re not from the West, the food is well worth the trip to this otherwise sleepy location.


Darling Street Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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