Dear Abbey Cafe

Dearest Abbey,

I hope that this blog post finds you well. I am writing to you to thank you for your hospitality on that bright and sunny Thursday when I visited you. I must say, I found your abode absolutely marvelous. Who would have thought that such a church would make such a charming place to take a morning meal. Although it was a little chilly on the patio in the the shade, I was greatly comforted by the great view when I looked up.

The earl grey tea came in such a delightful tray. I wanted to ask where you purchased it so that I could acquire one for myself. However, I thought that it was a little remiss how you did not offer milk with your tea. Although I did not have the chance to try it the chai latte smelt spicy and very warming. I also heard murmers of appreciation for your well brewed latte.



As always I couldn’t help but be drawn to the tuna tataki when I saw that you were offering it. The just seared tuna was just how I liked it, soft and sashimi-like. The flowers and golden angel tears made this a real visual feast. Perhaps I was a little bit too liberal with the sauce, but I found the dish as a whole to be a bit too salty.


Baked eggs with spiced chickpeas and eggplant was a nice twist on the traditional baked eggs. This was very filling and each bite pleasantly spiced. On the other hand I couldn’t help but be a touch disappointed to see that the butter that you offered was merely a standard Devondale packet. Given the quality of the rest of your offering I was surprised that you didn’t have anything more upmarket on hand, or that it didn’t come in a dish at least!


I think that it was the Ricotta hot cakes that really stole the show. The hot cakes were moist and soft but not too sweet, perfect for mopping up the delicious honey syrup. The poached pear that came with the hot cakes was also delicious, and added a refreshing tidbit to the sweet and heavy ricotta and honey. If I may I would like to ask for the recipe!

I must be off now to continue with the rest of my day, but once again, let me say, thank you for welcoming me! Don’t be too surprised if you see me popping over for another visit soon. I can’t help but think that it is a marvelous stroke of luck that we are so close to one another.

Best wishes.


P.S I hope you enjoyed this cafe review in letter format. I know that I had great fun writing it and that it was a great change of pace.

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