Crux and Co Patisserie

Having previously been to The Crux and Co in South Melbourne and being impressed by their pastry offerings, I was delighted to hear that they had opened up a second  pastry and cake focused store in the city. Just a stone’s throw away from Parliament station, the Patisserie is easy to get to but not easy to find. I almost walked straight passed it! For those of who you aren’t observant like me, just look out for the Sheraton hotel. Crux and Co Patisserie is actually on the ground floor of the hotel and accessable from the Sheraton as well.

I appreciated how the interior of Crux and Co Patisserie is much in line with the South Melbourne store. The long sofa, soft wood and gold coloured hues looked incredibly luxe and stylish. On the Monday afternoon it was fairly quiet, making it the perfect spot for a quick catch up without feeling too hurried.

The pear blossom tea was a big improvement from the last tea that I had tried at Crux and Co. It was pleasantly flowery and had a sweet pear after taste. The colour of my friend’s berry tea was incredibly pretty!


I had the wholemeal crogel. I think that the best way to enjoy such flaky pastry is to dispense with a knife and fork and just go at it with your hands! Even though it was wholemeal, it was still buttery, rich and full of flavour. The only thing that I would suggest, is perhaps to offer jam and spreads for crogels when eaten in store. I feel that my bagel croissant experience would have been complete if I could have smothered it in some cream cheese and jam.


My friend had the avocado and brie poppy seed crogel. She mentioned that the soft cheese and flaky pastry was a great combination.


Of course, we had to try some of the sweets as well. The matcha eclair was fairly similar to the lemon meringue eclair that I had tried earlier. I enjoyed the prominent matcha flavour in the filling but found the glaze on the top a bit too sweet for my liking. My friend’s raspberry chocolate mud cake looked amazing. She said that she really enjoyed the jam layer inside and the multiple layers!

When we visited it had only just opened the previous week. In fact, they hadn’t even put up signage for most of their offerings yet. This meant that the poor waitress had to explain every single item to us when we asked about the cabinet display! The waitstaff were very sweet and gracious if it a bit distracted at times with explaining the menu and store to other customers .

I’m selfishly hoping that this new venture from Crux and Co is wildly successful but not too busy. I loved being able to sit down in such a beautiful and central location with not too much of a crowd. I can definitely see myself enjoying some down time and getting work done here in the future.
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