Crux and Co

Don’t we all have that one friend; popular, drop dead attractive and stylish all whilst balancing about a hundred interesting projects all at once. Sure, they might occasionally forget that movies was meant to be on Saturday instead of Sunday and you half expect them to turn up late to almost everything. However, you can’t really hold it against them.  You know they’ve got so much going on at once, and the interesting personality they have makes for some darn good company.

Simply, Crux and Co is that friend.

Located just across the road from another brunch hot spot, The Kettle Black, I was immediately blown away by just how beautiful Crux and Co was. Unlike a lot of other places that I’ve been visiting recently, Crux and Co was incredibly large. The long communal tables with planters over the top and spacious bench seating covered in cushions was stunning.


Some V60 coffee and tea to start. The florish tea was a mix of different flavours. Interestingly enough my tea was served in a V60 but the V60 coffee was not! I thought that this was pretty cute and ironic. My tea wasn’t particularly pleasant to be honest. I feel that with some herbal teas it’s a bit of a gamble as to what you are going to get. Sadly this is a gamble that I lost, as the tea tasted oddly like floral hand cream instead of something that I should be drinking. The V60 coffee was a bit too sour for my tastes as well.


We were seated directly opposite the dessert counter. I spent several agonising minutes trying to decide whether to have something savoury or just eat a whole bunch of cakes. I eventually settled on the smoked salmon folded into scrambled eggs on top of house made squid ink toast. When this dish arrived I was immediately reminded of a very similar dish that I had had at Lights in the Attic. I felt that this version was a lot more cohesive. I adored the generous shavings of bonito on top and the smoky umami flavour it imparted along with the salmon. Whereas the squid ink toast was very interesting and perfectly fine on its own, I thought that a crisper crunchier bread would have better served this dish to add some textural contrast.




The fontina cheese fondue was something entirely new that I had never seen before for brunch, so I was super excited to try it. Some of the vegetables like the carrots could have been cooked for a little bit longer to fully bring out its sweetness. Dipping the bread and vegetables in cheese was not only delicious but also great fun. This is something that could easily be shared with friends so as to make sure that you still have room for pastries and cakes.


Being the gluttons that we are, we still have room for more food! The lemon meringue eclair was great flavour wise. It fit the perfect balance between sweet,sour, smooth and crisp. The actual choux pastry could have stood to be lighter and crisper. It tasted a bit wet and bland, perhaps from sitting in the display for a bit too long.


It would be remiss to go to Crux and Co and not try the Crogel. This pastry is a curious mix between a croissant and bagel. As we tried to share this we sent shards of pastry all over ourselves and onto the table. It was everything that a good pastry should be, buttery and flaky.

We arrived not too long after midday and the venue was buzzing. Awash with an almost equal mix of beautiful trendy young people and nearby office workers. There was also a very steady stream of take over service being done as we entered and ate. Sadly this also meant that our food took a considerable amount of time to arrive. I think we waited a little over 40 minutes from when we sat down for the food to arrive. Other nearby tables also seemed to be experiencing a prolonged wait time, but dishes also seemed to come out a lot faster after the lunch time rush was over.


Although some aspects of Cruz and Co are a bit spotty, you can’t deny that it is beautiful and exciting. If I were to come back I would probably stick to ordering more cakes and pastries, as they looked amazing! That said, they have also recently opened a patisserie in the city, so perhaps next time I will pop in there to fulfil my need for sweets.

P.S Will I ever stop comparing brunch places to people? Probably not.
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