Rice Paper Scissors

After reading my blog posts you would be forgiven for thinking that the only meal I ever eat out is brunch. Although I can’t deny that brunch is my favourite meal of the day, going out for dinner also has its own charm. Dinners are for lengthy and boisterous catch ups with friends, spontaneous drinks with your loved ones and that much needed change from another night at home.

Usually I am reticent to go to popular restaurants because I hate waiting in line for a table and strict dining time limits. However, when Ryan suggested that we go to Rice Paper Scissors for an early dinner after a draining day of uni, I just couldn’t say no. I’ve heard so many rave reviews about the place, that after all this time I finally had to check it out for myself.


When we walked in just a little past opening time at 5:45 the restaurant was already half full. We snagged a cosy seat by the bar.  We decided to congratulate ourselves on this excellent dinner decision with a round of cocktails. The Mang-Koh Samui was fruity, refreshing and easy to drink. The winter solstice from the specials board on the other hand, was a much more heady concoction. The rum and blood orange syrup made this very sweet. There was a faint cherry taste that I wasn’t too fond of. Although this was well made I think I might be better served  by sticking to ordering things that I know I like in the future.


Another choice from the special board was the scallop curry. This was wrapped up in a bite-sized parcel by a betal leaf. I was expecting this to be spicy from the chili on top, but I found that this erred on the sweet and sour side instead. I enjoyed the soft morsels of chili with the aromatic chili. The small serving size just whetted my appetite and made me look forward to more.


In quick succession, the sticky lamb ribs, duck salad, and fried chicken appeared in front of us. The sticky lamb ribs are a real treat. They were incredibly fatty in the best of ways and fall off the bone tender. As soon as I put one in my mouth I knew that my diet was ruined, but it was worth it.

The duck salad reminded me why I love Asian salads and why I love duck. The chili, lime, coriander  and tamarind combination was punchy and refreshing. When I saw the pieces of duck I was a little worried that they would be too dry, but it turned out that my fears were completely unfounded. The savoury and tender duck meat was perfectly complemented by the sauce.


Upon one of my friend’s recommendation, I ordered the fried chicken. This was another excellent move. The chicken was crispy, tender and juicy. The spices meant that it tasted excellent even without the mayonnaise on the side.


Apparently, the pork belly is one of the most popular dishes at Rice Paper Scissors. Strangely enough, this was probably the only dish that I wouldn’t order again if I came back. I enjoyed the bean shoot salad on top of the pork more than the pork itself. That said, the pork was still perfectly enjoyable it just wasn’t the fatty rich pieces of pork that I had imagined, nor did it manage to reach the same highs as the lamb ribs.

Just when we were about to leave, the dessert menu was whipped out and placed in front of us. I hesitated for a moment or two before ordering the Mum I dropped my icecream. This proved to be another excellent decision. The dropped ice cream cone presentation was absolutely charming. The yuzu sorbet was also simply amazing. Unlike in other Yuzu desserts, where yuzu is just another citrusy taste, here the yuzu flavour was assertive and distinctly Yuzu. If I could I would buy tubs of the stuff to take home and eat all the time. The waffle cone, white chocolate, and puffed rice bubbles helped add sweetness and texture, making this a must try dessert.

As we left the restaurant in spite of the blistering cold winds and rain there were people sitting outside and waiting for a table. Now that I’ve been to Rice Paper Scissors I can see why. Not only was the food delicious, but if you don’t splash out with drinks and dessert like we did it is also a very affordable $59 for two people. Apart from the short dining times Rice Paper Scissors really is the perfect dinner destination for both your more casual and extravagant eats. If you can get a table that is.


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