Adventurer’s tale

Peppermint Fox 3rd Anniversary Tea Party

I usually find myself reading about big Jfashion events in Europe or America with pangs of jealousy. It seems like every other month there’s a big convention over stateside or one of my favourite brands is attending a tea party in the UK. Although we don’t have events of the same scale here I thought that perhaps it would be nice to write about some of the events that go on here!

This year Peppermint Fox’s Anniversary Tea Party was held in the Gables in Malvern East. This was their biggest tea party yet and the venue was also the grandest. Upon arrival, I was greeted by one of the designers and ushered into a private tea room away from the rest of the afternoon tea crowd.

I was a little bit late, so there weren’t many seats left to pick from, but as will be revealed later I’m glad that I ended up in this seat! Although it was still early in the morning I couldn’t say no to champagne. Not too long after, a tiered tray of savouries appeared in front of us.


There were more than enough savouries to get full off of, but I made the executive decision to not have all of the scones, in favour of leaving more stomach room for the sweets buffet. I think everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the overflowing spread of sweets in the front room of the Gables. Not all the sweets were labelled, so it was a bit of a gamble as to what you were going to get at times!

Halfway through the sweets, the door prizes were announced. Under every tea cup there was a quote from a book. For each different quote, there were different prizes. In a stroke of excellent luck, I managed to snap up the grand prize: the cutest cushion ever and the anniversary tiny companion of the year: Dandelion.

I almost managed to get through my plate of dessert before being ushered upstairs to the shopping area. VIPS got the first look at the new dress designs and a new line of cute accessories. After seeing the print for Botanica last year, I knew that I had to get my hands on at least one of the colour ways. The garden colour way was made up on the mannequin whereas the meadow fabric swatch was on display. The planetology print was also on display. The rich wine colour really and dinosaur bones looked luxurious but I also thought that the concept was so novel and fresh.

I picked up some cute things from the guest brand Me and Yue as well. Their hand-dyed flowers are just so precious and delicate! The small beige flowers go with almost everything I own.

The theme of Peppermint Fox’s third Anniversary tea party was adventurer’s tale. Whereas last year, I created an outfit that I thought would suit the adventurer when she was out in the woods exploring, I thought that I would explore the more scholarly side of the adventurer this time. I imagined the adventurer as a writing, crafting her own tales based off of her hijinks. The main points of the outfit were my round glasses, the peppermint fox book brooch and the jacket. I tried the combo with a few different dresses before settling on the Victorian maiden one piece that recently arrived.

(Guest photo by Miss Bonnie Jane)

The timing of the event was a little bit tight, with lots going on! Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to talk to everyone or eat everything. Everyone looked amazing and it was nice to talk to some new faces. As I always say, we’re so lucky to have such sweet indie designers right here in Melbourne! I hope to go to many more anniversary tea parties in the years to come.

To see more photos of the event and the upcoming Peppermint Fox collection check out their facebook or website!


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