White Mojo Cafe

Just when I thought that Hardware street had already reached peak brunch capacity, here comes a new challenger: White Mojo. White Mojo sets itself apart from the other brunch venues in the vicinity with the white tiled interior and trendy Instagram-worthy dishes. I hear that the wait time can be pretty intense on the weekends, but on this dreary Wednesday, there were a few spare tables waiting for us.


We had a round of matcha lattes, both hot and iced. You might have noticed from my previous brunch posts this is fast becoming one of my most ordered drinks. The latte was very creamy and a touch grassy, as you expect from matcha. Unfortunately, I felt that the milk overpowered the matcha taste, so although it was an incredibly vibrant green colour there just wasn’t enough matcha taste for me.


Both my friends opted for the soft shell crab croissant burger. This was very impressive looking! My friends had to take it apart to eat. There was plenty of room on the plate to put the other half of the croissant. I didn’t get to try it but both my friends managed to polish it off, so I’m sure it was pretty good.


The smoked salmon was another impressive looking dish! The wait staff set down a dome, which they opened to reveal billowing smoke! I love the smell of smoked salmon and smoked things, so this was the perfect thing to whet my appetite. I was actually a bit confused by this whole thing. When it arrived, the whole dish was slightly lukewarm. It made sense for the vegetables and pickles to be served cold, but the salmon and egg were strangely not entirely cold or warm enough to gel or provide contrast to the rest of the dish. The salmon was really well cooked, tender and still pink in the middle. On the other hand, the vegetables and pickles lacked any real depth of flavour or the finesse that was seen in the fish and presentation.


I really enjoy brunching with these friends for a whole variety of reasons. Of course there’s usually never a dull moment in our conversation, but more importantly, they’re always up for dessert. After seeing the matcha and orange pancake going to the table next to us, we knew that we had to try it. Look at how beautiful it is! The matcha sauce that comes with the pancakes is a slightly lurid green colour and doesn’t look all that appetising once poured all over the fairy floss. Not that it affected the taste. I had no idea that matcha and orange went together so well until trying this pancake. The pancake was moist and warm. It had soaked up all the sauce and the citrusy orange flavour was prominent the whole way though. The popping candy was also a nice pleasant surprise at every mouthful. It was fun, creative and tasty; everything that I think White Mojo strives to be.

On a side note, while at White Mojo I realised that there wasn’t any music playing in the background. It was the first time I’ve been to a café that just didn’t have much ambient sound. Strangely enough, it made the whole premise seem a little bit more austere and impersonal. I also noticed that when other people who are sitting close to you order the smoked salmon dish, you can smell the smoke wafting up as well!

There’s no denying that White Mojo is aesthetically pleasing. From the wait staff’s aprons to the artfully plated dishes. If the food tasted as good as everything looked, this would be one of the best brunches in town. Unfortunately, some of the flavours just fell a little bit short.


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3 thoughts on “White Mojo Cafe

  1. I really like this place, the food was good. The black latte tasted more soy than coffee though. I will definitely try the matcha latte next time. I think the service was a little off that day, well judging by my partners’ impatience in waiting to be served. Well then again my partner has low tolerance in waiting. We order a few items but ended up not receiving one the items, so when we went to go pay it they tried to charge us for the food item we did not receive during our meal.


      1. Yeah, I wanted to try the black latte because of the colour, there was a lot of sediment at the end of the drink due to the mixture. But the soy milk used was really nice and the colour the black latte looked good as.


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