International Lolita day 2015

My blog really seems like a food and travel blog for the most part at the moment. I thought that it would be nice to post up some photos from events that I have been to as well to help bulk up the fashion part of things!

Last year I helped Ejane host an international lolita day meet. The tea house, Impala and Peacock has a beautiful rustic vibe. Their high tea is served as a buffet and all the food is vegetarian. The theme of the event was fairy tale, but as always we usually aren’t very strict on themes!

I wore a snow white/little red riding hood themed coordinate. Initially, I wanted it to be little red riding hood, but I missed the crucial element of a hood!

Here are some other coordinates that I really liked on the day! (Feel free to use these photos and let me know if you would prefer to have them taken down)

Ejane had the prettiest nutcracker themed coordinate. I loved the flowers she stuffed into the shawl.Karen’s hair was so impressive.

I loved how regal Emily looked. And as always thanks to my friend Eric for driving ahahaha!

Let me know if you like short event posts like this or if I should just stick to what I know best: food!



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