The Dessert Kitchen

Even though Melbourne winters are freezing that doesn’t stop me from wanting to eat iced desserts. When we were still in the depths of the coldest winter nights I had an inexplicable longing for Japanese style parfaits and Asian desserts. Luckily Ryan was also open to the idea of having dessert instead of dinner. So, off we went to the recently opened Dessert Kitchen.

When we arrived there was a short line of people waiting outside. Initially, the staff seemed a bit confused with their own numbering system but we were ushered upstairs shortly afterwards.

We ordered the taste of Uji parfait with low-fat frozen yogurt. I think that the yogurt could have been creamier and the green tea taste more pronounced but otherwise it was everything you want in a parfait. The mini rice balls in particular were the perfect chewy texture.

dessert kitchen

How do I describe the cocoa kiss as anything but an Asian dessert version of coco pops?  Incredibly delicious coco pops with coffee jelly and sticky ice cream that is.

Nippon warabi was relatively flavourless on its own but definitely worth trying at least once if only for the novelty factor.

To be honest, the spotty service at the start and the overwhelming menu didn’t really give me very high expectations. Therefore, when everything arrived and was actually pretty good I was pleasantly surprised!

The other thing to note is that the tables and chairs are pushed really close together. This made it a bit awkward when it was time to leave as I had to ask for the table next to me to push their table to the side.

The Dessert Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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