Lights in the Attic

Lights in the Attic café

You finally meet the person who you’ve been talking to online in real life. Their social media makes them look like the most interesting and amazing person. However, when you actually talk in real life, you realise that they’re just an ordinary but perfectly decent human being. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact you might really enjoy their company, but you can’t help but be a bit disappointed that they live up to that perception you had of them.

I think that pretty much sums up my first encounter with Lights in the Attic café.

Light in the attic is located in an usual part of Hawthorn: beneath an apartment building and surrounded by gyms and other fitness centres. I briefly wondered if I should feel guilty for indulging in brunch instead of working out like the innumerable people in the buildings around me. That thought was quickly dashed when I looked over the menu!


Unusually, Ryan and I both had tea to start with. Aren’t the blue tea cups and pots such a charming colour? Chamellia tea is always good in my opinion. The Masala chai and chamomile were no exceptions. The boards that the tea was served on, though aesthetically pleasing took up a lot of space and pushed my food to one side of the table when it came!


The bird’s nest is all over Light in the Attic’s social media. So we figured that this was a must try dish. The presentation of the scotch eggs on a nest of fried potatoes is pretty novel and impressive. Sadly the yolks of the scotch eggs were overcooked so that there wasn’t any yolk porn action. The scotch eggs themselves could have also done with a touch more seasoning or parmesan to give it a bit more flavour. On the other hand the fried potato nest with the bean and tomato sauce was a satisfying combination of crispy, salty and saucy, like a good chip but even better.


The finding nemo is a combination of some of my favourite things: smoked fish, bonito, furikake and mentaiko. As soon as I saw this I knew that I needed to try it. Unlike the scotch eggs the scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection. Although the combination of flavours sounded unusual on paper it, upon tasting it, it definitely worked. I think it was the mentaiko mayo and smoked ocean trout that really drew all the flavours together. I’m not too sure what the peas were doing in this dish because they didn’t do much flavour wise but I guess they helped add a pop of colours.

I was ready to love Lights in the Attic but sadly it didn’t entirely hit the mark. That said, there was nothing wrong with it. The dishes, space and service were all fairly nice but I think that we had hyped up the dishes just a bit too much after seeing the vibrant and inviting pictures online. The actual dishes didn’t elicit quiet the same response.
Lights in the Attic Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
P.S Is this a trend now? Am I going to comparing all my cafe visits to encounters with people? Only time will tell.


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