Mork Chocolate Brew House

After sufficiently perusing the drinks menu at any number of cafes eventually you’ll notice the same name popping up time and time again when you hit the hot chocolate section: Mork. So who, or what is Mork exactly? Even after sampling a few of these hot chocolates the results were often somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes a Mork hot chocolate would hit the mark and other times, despite the name it would be a bit dull and lacking. To better understand what Mork is all about, I thought where to better to go than to their very own chocolate brew house?

Sparkling vanilla bean infused water set us off on the right foot. Although I’m not usually a fan of sparkling water I could get into it if it was always lightly flavoured with vanilla beans!

mork hot choco action

As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to get the Campfire Chocolate. The novelty factor of the smoke and marshmallow just sucked me right in! I enjoyed unveiling the glass and getting good whiff of the smoky goodness. After a while the smoky flavour of the hot chocolate mellowed out a lot but the marshmallow and salt added a bit of complexity. This was as delicious as it was fun.

mork chilled chocolate

Layered Chocolate sounded intriguing. The chilled dark chocolate and warm custard were completely different consistencies, making it very interesting to drink. I actually preferred the custard to the chocolate and found the whole thing a bit trippy. My personal preference when it comes to drinks is for it to either be warm or cold. This mix between the two wasn’t definitely wasn’t favourite but I can see how it would appeal to other people.

mork chocolate cake

Chocolate cake was unswervingly rich and chocolaty. It was actually a touch too rich for me and I struggled beyond the a quarter of the cake. The ice cream also helped balance it out but there just wasn’t enough ice cream to let me finish the whole cake. However, Ryan who really appreciates heavier tasting desserts loved this cake. So much that he wanted to take some home!

I’m not entirely sure why I thought hot chocolate was perfect for the warm Autumn afternoon, but I’m definitely craving some now that it’s the dead of winter. If only it wasn’t such a small space I’m sure that I would be lingering at Mork all the time, cupping cup after cup of glorious warm hot chocolate.
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