Long Street Coffee

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and they’re just a little bit too cool? There’s just something about them that sets them apart. You’re not sure if you can be friends so you don’t really try to approach them, but then once you start talking you realise that they’re also warm, friendly and socially conscious. Heck, maybe this friendship thing could really work.

Well that’s exactly how I felt about Long Street Coffee. At first glance it exudes effortless cool in the most unexpected of places. I felt that the quirky street art, basketball hoops and hipsters sitting outside quickly clued me into what sort of place this was going to be. The minimalistic furniture on the inside helped to reinforce my opinions. Naturally, I started worrying about if I was cool enough to be there!


A calming pot of China breakfast tea with a side of milk and honey soon put me at ease. It was a pleasant surprise to see more Chinese teas like oolong on the tea menu, and something that I wouldn’t mind more of in the future! The tea pot was also exceptional. The light glass was a pleasure to hold and the spout had a fantastic pour.


Ryan’s coffee was also a well rounded cappuccino.


I’ve been trying to up my vegetable intake and cut back on meat, so with that in mind I ordered the crispy quinoa poached eggs with mushrooms, brocollini, rocket and tomatoes. The crispy quinoa poached eggs sounded intriguing on the menu, and I was imagining a fried egg toasted in quinoa. What arrived was a much more normal looking dish. The aforementioned crispy quinoa was just quinoa sprinkled on top of the eggs for a bit of texture. The rest of a dish was however, a welcome surprise. Two perfectly poached eggs atop of a large meaty mushroom and tomato. The vegetables were utterly amazing and every bite had an intensity of flavour that I don’t usually get with just vegetables.


The apple cider eggs Benedict was another dish that sounded intriguing on paper but appeared much more ordinary in real life. This was a decent rendition of eggs Benedict. Although the portion was a touch on the small side, the richness of the dish made up for it.

Throughout Brunch I also leant that Long Street Coffee is not only a café, but also a social enterprise. It employs and helps upskill refugees and asylum seekers. So you can have your brunch and feel confident that you are supporting a business that really cares about other people. They also have free wi-fi. What more could you possible ask for? (Apart from a basketball that has a bit more air in it, not much)

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