Woven café

I think I’m a pretty lucky person, because despite not being very sociable I still have such great friends.  Friends who indulge me in my brunch addiction and take me to places that I’ve never heard of before. Such was the case when I found myself in an interesting part of Yarraville stumbling about trying to find our brunch destination.

Woven café is located in a converted warehouse and a bit off the main Yarraville strip making a bit hard to find. After a bit of cursing google maps we eventually found our way. The trick is to actually read the street address, which will take you to Stephen street, instead of the pinpoint on the map which leads to the back of a bunch of warehouses.


I had a quick peek at the brunch menu and being the matcha addict that I am I spent some time tossing up between the matcha latte and cold iced tea made with matcha powder. I ended up picking the iced tea due to the other delicious things such as orange and mint that were in the tea. What arrived was a vibrant green glass! Unfortunately, even though I appreciated the idea behind this the execution was not as on point. This had a really strong bitter unpleasant vegetel taste that hints to the matcha being over steeped or an inferior quality of matcha being used. I’m all for bitter matcha, but this was really too much. The orange and mint did save it from being undrinkable though.


Something that readers might now know is that I choose to be vegetarian for two days of the week. This can be a little tricky sometimes when friends want to dine out but luckily the majority of brunch places in Melbourne some pretty darn good vegetarian dishes. The tofu and kale gratin caught my eye due to just how unusual it was. The tofu itself was a bit on the bland side, but the kale and caramelised onions were beautifully sweet and seasoned adding a much needed flavour hit.


The piece of bread on the side seemed like a bit of an afterthought. I didn’t really understand what it was doing there. There really wasn’t any sauce to mop up and by itself the bread was a bit dry so I requested some butter to spread on it. Apart from my friend calling me a fatty, this butter was just the thing that I needed to complete this dish.


My friend had the fritters with a poached egg and smoked bacon. This looked really good and serving was rather generous.

As an aside there were a few tables out on the footpath and I saw a lot of people brunching away with their dogs. There’s also a heap of toys to occupy little ones, making this a great place for fur babies and actual babies.

Woven Cafe
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