Prospecting for Espresso

Camberwell is a suburb that I rarely find myself in. So one afternoon when we were smack bang in the middle of this bustling area, despite having already eaten I knew that I had to check out one of their cool cafes. After all, it was just too good a chance to pass up and I had no idea when I would be back!

As soon as you walk into Prospect Espresso you can tell that they are serious about their coffee. The cold drip has pride of place on the communal table and their beans lined the shelves. Ryan had the right idea, and ordered a cappuccino. This was an excellent cup of coffee. As Ryan likes to put it, it was better than Melbourne average which means it’s pretty darn good considering the consistently excellent quality coffee that most Melbourne cafes churn out.

I settled on a refreshing peppermint tea and fell in love with the tea set it came in. The minty colours really spoke to my sensibilities and the slightly dinted asymmetrical cup held a perfectly generous amount of tea and was just right for my hands.

prospect espresso eggs

We shared the most interesting sounding dish on the menu: the truffled eggs. I found the mushroom crumble a touch to salty but Ryan loved it. I wish that the scrambled egg itself was also truffle flavoured instead of just the crème fraiche but I think that because the truffle is limited to just the crème fraiche this is a great way for people to start tasting truffle to see if they like it.

The wait staff were some of the friendliest and most accommodating that I ever met. As soon as I walked in they complimented my outfit, which just bought the biggest smile to my face. Being the indecisive people that we were they also gave us plenty of time to decide on what we wanted and at no point did we ever feel rushed even though we weren’t spending much.

It’s a shame that we were a touch too full to try the other dishes bit I’m pretty pleased with our pick for the day. Hopefully if I stare at pictures of these eggs for long enough I can replicate this gently folded style of scrambled eggs at home.
Prospect Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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