Haul and Peppermint Fox Tea Emblem Review

I’ve been trying to save up this year so that I can do some more traveling, but somehow I still have another haul to post about! Some of these purchases were actually spread out over a few months but they all arrived at a similar time so I’m blogging about them all here!

Closet child and From Japan Haul


I’m pretty pleased with myself for finding these Mary Magdalene coats for really decent prices. To be honest, the colours are not what I was expecting for either coat. The light galette de rois coat is a lot more beige than I envisaged. I’m a little unsure of if I have the milk tea or latte colour way, but judging from model photos the fur indicates that it is milk tea even though it errs on the side of brown instead of cream. As for the brown francette coat, the seller’s photos made it seem black! Alas, my search for a black Lolita coat continues. They are however both adorable and infinitely versatile. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough for me to wear them!


I already have these IW shoes in white but when I saw the brown ones for a good price I knew that I needed buy the brown ones as well. If they are anything like the white ones, I know that they will be super comfortable and add that extra special little touch to a lot of outfits.


I also picked up a sock and stocking set from yahoo auctions. I really only bought up the sock set for the Queen’s Coach OTKS, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for the other socks. Although I will probably end up selling the IW striped socks as they are just a bit too old school for me.

This cute pink AP blouse is from Closet Child. I instantly snapped it up when the site updated. Despite having a lot of pink blouses none are in this shade, or are nearly as interesting.


In a stroke of god luck I also happened upon the head bow in navy for Queen’s Coach for Alice and the Pirates.  Now, with this recent haul I finally have a complete set, not counting lucky pack sets!

Tea Emblem by peppermint fox

I was lucky enough to be able to reserve and pick up some things from Peppermint Fox’s Tea Emblem range. When I went to pick this up they had run out of stickers to put on the box but I was quickly consoled by these cute illustrations. As always the Peppermint Fox packaging is impeccable. I love getting the post card illustrations and unwrapping the tissue paper to reveal the things inside!



I ordered the earl grey size 1 dress. The milk tea colour way was also incredibly tempting. If I had all the money in the world I would have also tried to purchase the pink as well, just because it fits so nicely with the colours in my wardrobe. In the end, earl grey won out because of how unusual the colour scheme is for lolita. It also had that instant wow factor at the Peppermint fox tea party when I got to see it in person!

It is clear that a lot of effort was put into the illustrations on the dress. The tea packaging concept shines throughout. It can’t really be seen in the photographs but on some of the labels there is a slight tea stain. At first I was a little alarmed because I thought that I had gotten something on my dress, but after realizing it was part of the illustration I was instantly smitten. As someone who drinks tea pretty often, I can safely say that I have spilled tea almost everywhere! This dress really captures the whole aesthetic of the tea drinker!

This release is the first time Peppermint Fox employed a professional seamstress to make their dresses and it does show in the cleaner construction. I have also been told that the sizing for this dress is a little bit different to their previous dresses due to this. However, I found that a size 1 was perfect for me, leaving just enough room to wear with a blouse underneath.

The main issue with this dress is the fabric. I really appreciated how they changed things up from the usual chiffon to this fabric. It feels really luxurious and has a lovely sheen to it that is difficult to capture on camera, but is stunning in real life. One of my friends couldn’t stop touching it when we went out together! However, out of all the dresses I have, the fabric on this snags and catches the most. After wearing it out for a few hours with a straw basket, I found that there were slight snags everywhere where I had been resting my basket. Personally. I’m not very fussy when it comes to minor damage in my Lolita clothes, but if you’re someone who has to keep everything in pristine condition, this will probably bother you.


Let’s take a closer look at the accessories now.


After seeing them I couldn’t resist picking up a bunch of them. The tea bags from the cardigan clip set are particularly lovely. I wish that I had an actual tea bag like this, so that I could sip on the florals.

The flower broach is on the larger side but the light neutral colours make it really easy to coordinate with almost everything that I wear.


I was a bit surprised by the barrette, because I wasn’t expecting the golden ribbon on the side. However, I think it’s a cute touch and helps to accentuate the gold waist ribbon and gold in the print.

Finally, some pictures of me wearing the jsk and the flower broach in a summery coordinate.

I’m really happy with this release from Peppermint Fox and I’m thankful that I managed to reserve it at the tea party instead of having to fight for it online! My only issue is with the fabric snagging so much, but to be honest I don’t think that I would have minded as much if it weren’t for people pointing it out!

Edit: I have since hand washed the jsk according to the instructions and it has held up really well to washing. However, on closer examination the snags on the side of the dress had gone a little fuzzy and are more noticeable than I realised. In hindsight, I really should have not worn this with a straw basket!! I imagine a similar thing can happen with wooden benches and on the grass. That said, I’m still in love with the illustration, and if this was re-released in a different fabric I would really have to consider getting it.


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