A day in the life of a F(atty)oodie.

I thought that I would go in a different direction with this post. Instead of a straight up brunch review, this is going to be a rough collation of a Saturday food adventure a little while ago. This wasn’t the most typical day, but suffice to say, when I venture out of home for things apart from work, a lot of eating is usually involved.


The night before Ryan was talking pulling an all nighter and going to Lune Croissanterie the next morning. I half thought that he was joking because he is not much of a morning person. Next thing I knew, I was getting an early Sunday morning call asking what sort of croissants I wanted.


Just as promised, he arrived at the doorstep with a box full of flaky goodness to go with breakfast. The highlights from this box were definitely the apple pie croissant and the savoury ham and cheese croissant. I loved that they were still warm and tasted oh so fresh! Although this time we didn’t get any cruffins, the citrus curd cruffin is a consistent favourite. On a side note my mum, who is a real purveyor of almond croissants was also particular taken with the Lune almond croissant.

I’m seriously looking forward to the day Kate expands her operation times to the rest of the working week so I can grab croissants all the time. In the mean time, I will count my blessings that I am lucky enough to have people who are kind enough to line up in my stead for these parcels of goodness.


Lune Croissanterie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I had also scheduled a long overdue catch up with some of my uni friends on the same day. After a series of half finished interactions and last minute planning I made the executive decision to go to Eden’s Backyard. Honestly, I’m constantly surprised at the sheer number of brunch places that keep popping up and the press that surrounds a lot of these cafes. It gets a bit difficult to keep up with the hippest new places and the names behind them. So it was refreshing to just go somewhere without too much research and not have to worry about whether we would have to queue for a table.

Upon walking in, you’re really invited to do a quick scan of the whole café. There are a whole bunch of small separate areas that all have a slightly different feel to them. I thought that the indoor Astroturf of one section was a cute allusion to the ‘backyard’ part of their name.


Isn’t this latte art one of the most darling things you have ever seen? Both my friends got the matcha latte but only one of them had an adorable bear on top. Talk about favouritism! I didn’t try any but my friends said that it was bitter and flavourful, perfect for adding sugar into, or just drinking straight depending on your preference.

I have a feeling that it is with the desserts that have a slightly Asian twist that Eden’s Backyard really shines. Sadly, after having already eaten my fill of croissants in the morning I needed something a bit more savoury and light. So it was with a heavy heart that I chose the avocado on toast instead of the more decadent wonut or French toast. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the avocado on toast. The avocado was the perfect texture, with decent chunks but still smashed enough to make it nice and spreadable. The mint and lemon helped kept things fresh.


My friends both had the salmon eggs Benedict. They particularly enjoyed the sauce and the eggs were perfectly poached. We all noted that the cherry tomatoes were delightfully sweet in all our dishes!

We also shared a serving of eggplant chips (unpictured). I don’t think you can really go wrong with eggplant chips. These were panko crusted and a real thing of beauty. They were full of flavour rendering the spicy aioli almost unnecessary.

Eden’s backyard is a lovely little addition to an otherwise relatively empty part of Carlton. Whilst the savoury offerings don’t really break any barriers they are perfectly tasty. The cute coffee art is also a bonus!


Eden's Backyard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


This was another hot day. After we had sufficiently roasted under the sun, we decided that it was time to treat ourselves to an iced dessert.

I only have eternal gratitude for Dex2rose. I love how unlike most other ice cream and gelato places, it has a generous amount of seating which lets you linger with friends instead of rushing around while your ice cream melts.


The ‘You YUZU call me on your cellphone’ elicited quite the chuckle from me, but in the end on my friend’s recommendation I got the lychee sorbet. Evidently still not over the Drake memes, both my friends picked the same thing again and went for the Yuzu gelato. Both these flavours were refreshing and just right to cool down from the hot day. I really enjoyed the slight bitter tang of the Yuzu flavour. The lychee had a much more familiar flavour profile of rose, lychee and raspberry that has been popularised by the French Ispahan. There’s a reason why this flavour has become so popular, it’s just so darn good! The addition of coconut was novel touch.


It also has a great playlist. We thoroughly enjoyed the old school tunes that were playing!


Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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