Double T: Taiwan and Thailand 2016 part 2

I promised a speedy update and a speedy update I deliver! This is just going to be a short little post because we didn’t do much on the weekend, and the things that we did do, I stupidly did not take photos of.

Day 4 Taipei

Today we went our separate ways. I met a friend and spent the day shopping away in Q square and Taipei Main station. On the other hand, everyone else went to Taipei zoo. The camera also went to Taipei zoo, so I leave you with some cute photos of animals frolicking around.

If you ever read this Ana, it was nice to meet you, and I hope we can catch up again someday!

We all met up again at 6:00pm for an absolutely delicious dinner, which will be the subject of its own blog post.


Taipei Zoo

Day 5 Taipei

Unfortunately, today I started feeling a bit sick and could not stop sniffing and coughing into everything. On the flip side, we didn’t have to do too much this day. We picked up some tickets from Taipei main station for tomorrow’s travels before grabbing a quick lunch at a nearby department store.


We also had delicious waffles.



Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall wasn’t too far away from the station so we also decided to check it out. This memorial hall is actually massive and there’s usually a lot going on in the plaza area on weekends. We spotted this cute dog riding a remote controlled car, a group of teens practicing some sort of dance and also a rather large Frozen exhibition. The Chiang kai Shek memorial hall is more comprehensive than the Sun Yet Sen one and is flanked by two music halls on either side. It really makes for quite the sight even if you’re not going into all the halls.


The rest of the day was spent shopping in Zhongxiao Dunhua, Xi Men Ding and eventually led to Ning Xia night market. Although not very well known, I love Ning Xia night market because it’s pretty close to where we were staying and feels really local unlike some of the larger night markets. Although the most famous thing there is the fried sweet potato sweets, my personal favourite is the salad boat. This deceivingly named item is actually a fried donut with seasoned boiled egg, mayonnaise, tomato, ham and cucumber in it. It is not the slightest bit healthy unlike its name!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Ning Xia night market

So concludes this fairly fluffy post. The next update should have a lot more actual content!


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