One dress 5 looks (and one bonus look!)

I really love seeing the same dress worn different ways. I remember a while back a lot of lolita blogs were doing posts on this theme, so I thought that I would give it a go myself! I actually took the photos for this post last year but only got to writing this up now. Please excuse how dubious some of the photos look, because at the time I only had my phone camera and for some reason I thought that it would be nice to take photos in the middle of a blindingly sunny day.

For this challenge, let’s call it a challenge, I chose one of my most versatile and favourite dresses! Metamorphose’s pintucks JSK in navy. Here’s a bonus photo of me wearing it out and about. The weird marks on my legs are actually part of the tattoo tights I was wearing, but sadly I didn’t get a picture of the actual cute pattern on the tights.

  1. Fancy OTTDSC_0407

This JSK can be completely unbuttoned and worn as an overdress. Layering everything up really helps make this outfit look decadent and gorgeous. The princess sleeve blouses help to mimic the layering at the hem of the outfit and I think they are just perfect for all OTT classic outfits. On the other hand, I decided to use normal pumps instead of lolita shoes to balance with the black hat and make the whole thing look a little bit more classy.

Blouse: BTSSB
JSK: Metamorphose
Hat: Axes femme
Shoes: Random store in taskeshita dori
Accessories: Lovisa, taobao, peppermint fox

  1. Retro InspiredDSC_0417

I think cute cardigans and scarves instantly add a retro look to almost everything. I chose to go blouse-less to make the whole thing look a little bit more streamlined. This is a slightly less conventional lolita look and I hope to actually wear something like this soon! On a side note, the tights are actually a very pale grey/blue with a cut out pattern on the side but the lighting refused to cooperate.

Cardigan: Taiwanese brand
Hat: Gift from my mum
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: DreamV
Accessories: Gregory lagner (Aus brand), Paris Kids

  1. Monochrome (Almost)

I wanted to try a monochrome look, but I realised that I actually don’t own any navy shoes. I hope to rectify that this year though! Looking at this now, I think it could have done with some neck accessories or broaches to break up all that blue.

Blouse: Taobao (forgotten name of brand)
Tights: Taobao (forget again ;A;)
Shoes: Ebay
Accessories: Random Taipei finds and gifts

  1. WinterDSC_0419

On a cold day, this ideally would be worn underneath a coat. I love lolita looks with fur trims. It reminds me of wintery photo shoots and old timey Russian princesses. The BTSSB bolero is actually a bit of a challenge to coordinate because the ribbon is a true white, but the bolero itself is a bit more cream/ivory coloured. To balance this out I went with a white hat and slightly more ivory boots.

Blouse: Epanoir (Taiwanese brand)
Bolero: BTSSB
Boots: Taiwanese brand
Rights: Forever New
Hat: Handmade
Accessories: Innocent World, Sheglit, Taobao

  1. Summer picnicDSC_0423

This is actually one of my favourites genres? Sub styles? I think I’m just obsessed with straw basket bags! Sadly the lighting sort of overexposed everything again. The socks had flowers with yellow on the inside and white petals.

Blouse: Happy (Taiwanese brand)
Socks: Tutuanna
Hat: Taobao
Shoes: Ebay
Accessories: Taobao, paris kids, innocent world, ebay

I could have actually kept going with this challenge and created even more outfits. However, I had already spent a significant amount of time putting together outfits and taking photos. Any more and my whole day would have been gone! In any case, this was certainly inspiring for me, and it helped me pull out some of my less used items to put together a coord. I hope you also found some inspiration as well.


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