Innocent World 2016 Lucky Pack Review

Innocent World 2016 New Year Happy Set B Review

Whew, what a long title! The Innocent World 2016 Lucky Pack has been sitting in my room for the past few days, so I figured it was finally time to open it up, dump out all the contents and share my impressions with you guys.


I ordered the Happy Bag pretty soon after they were put on the website on the 1st of December. This was a reservation item, so Innocent World would not invoice me or ship until a later date, presumably closer to New Years considering that it’s a New Year’s Lucky Pack.

It was still pretty nerve wracking though because I didn’t get any confirmation that I had actually succeeded in ordering the lucky pack until I was finally invoiced on January 3rd. I think if I emailed Innocent World in the interim with my order number they would be able to confirm my purchase. However, requiring the customer to do extra work in this scenario seems rather counter intuitive as a whole.

On the 3rd of January and requested that they mail my package out on the 21st of January as I would be overseas and unable to pick everything up. Innocent world were more than happy to do this and on the 21st I was sent an email with all the tracking information. Due to public holidays it didn’t arrive until the 27th of February.

Despite the weird limbo I was in for most of December when I was unsure whether I had actually managed to get my lucky pack, I would still rate Innocent World’s customer service very highly. Their prompt email responses and willingness to ship at a later date were great. I just hope that they streamline their shopping system for overseas customers in the future and allow us to use the shopping cart instead of cumbersome emails.


Now onto what you’ve been waiting for, a good look at what’s inside the lucky pack!


Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki OP (left) and Roze Maiden Sugintou OP (right). Let’s get these two dresses out of the way first. I’ll be selling both of these because I really can’t see myself wearing them. In the context of anime collabs, the OPS are both of great quality. It almost feels like a shame to see so much beautiful Innocent World lace used on these cosplay-esque dresses. On closer examination, I also noticed that the rose frabric is custom made. Near the hem of both dresses, the words Rozen Maiden encircle the delicate roses. A nice touch for any Rozen Maiden fan, which sadly, I am not.

Next up, the special Happy Pack version of Strawberry Field. The sweet print and dark colours make this something that I would not typically wear but when I put together a quick coord, I really liked the result.  I also find the red lace at the bottom a bit too vibrant in photos but it actually looks pretty good when worn.



Some more odds and ends: High Collar Blouse (unknown), Napoleon Knitted Jacket, Torchon Socks, over the knee socks and a cute blue bow barrette. The blouse is just a fairly standard high collar blouse. I’m a bit sad that it’s a cotton and poly blend, so it’s not as soft and light as my other Innocent World blouses. I’m hoping that I can figure out an interesting coord with the Napoleon Knitted Jacket. As for the socks and barette, one can never have too many of those can they?

To be honest I was rather disappointed with this lucky pack. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get a Rozen Maiden collaboration item, so to get two is a bit disheartening. Looking at the lucky pack image again, I’m also a bit upset that I didn’t get two hair accessories like in the image, when I got almost everything else. On the other hand, I do think that what I got are the best collab items of the series and it might be a good push to start cosplaying again this year if I can’t sell them. As for the other items, I like having them in my wardrobe for now but time will tell if I will ever actually wear them.


2 thoughts on “Innocent World 2016 Lucky Pack Review

  1. Hi!
    I bought the 2016 Happy Bag A and I also got a rosen maiden dress and like you, I don’t think I will ever wear it. All in all, I paid too much for the items (4 items for 400€ including shipping and taxes) I got and I was so disappointed with the content, I don’t think I will order their Lucky pack again :(.


    1. That’s so sad ):
      I think that you guys in Europe take an extra gamble with lucky packs due to the customs fees. I’m not ruling out ordering a Lucky Pack from IW again, but I think I’ll only ever do it if I know they won’t have collab items like this in it or I know I like everything they have been putting out.


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