Recently I ordered a whole bunch of things off of yahoo auctions, mistakenly thinking that I had a lot of disposable income. (Whereas, in fact, I did not.) This order was a bit of a mixed bag of lolita, otome and himekaji gear that I managed to scoop up for pretty decent prices.

The lolita stuff was mostly from innocent world. I had been eyeing the blouse on the webstore for a while but sold out before I had a chance to grab one. The bolero is my first ever innocent world bolero. To be honest, the thing I was most excited about was the sock pack! I couldn’t go past it for 5000 yen, especially because I’m pretty lacking in leg wear.


I was also surprised at just how much I really liked the hime kaji stuff. Everything looks pretty cohesive together and the Liz Lisa cape is super warm, though it is missing the fur around the collar.

I wore the Ank Rouge dress out a few days back and although it is a bit  on the boxier size I liked how it was longer than all my other hime kaji dresses and the print is just too cute!

As always, I used From Japan! (http://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/) As my proxy bidding service, and as always it was easy to use, though as always shipping ended up being very expensive!


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