New Beginnings

I hope that the New Year is treating you well so far. I thought that I would start off my first post of the year with a short entry, looking back on 2015 and forward to 2016.

new years 2

I thought that I would elaborate on some more of these points on my blog.


Of course this is top of the list. All I’ve posted to this blog so far has been travel stuff. Whereas I would love to revisit Japan someday, my plans for this year are more about different parts of Asia and hopefully also Europe.


If you’d like to see some of 2015 lolita outfits please head over to my tumblr

Last year’s goal was to create more interesting outfits and although this year a lot of my cords were pretty simply visually I think that I still managed to succeed with slightly less conventional looks. This year I want to get my dream wardrobe and to stop being distracted by cheap deals that I won’t even wear.


Last year I had some ups and downs in terms of self esteem but I’m hoping that this year with the help of my new runners I’ll somehow be able to get on top of this and also get somewhat good at running!


Of course my main goal with this blog is to keep at it! I want to post more frequently and also about the content that I had originally envisioned with I started last year. Whereas my posts have almost exclusively been about Japan I plan to turn this into more of a lifestyle blog which that centres around the major aspects of my life: fashion, food AND travel.


I hope that 2016 is kind to you (and to me too!!) and that we all have lots of lovely experiences.


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