Japan Travel Diary part 9


Japan Travel Diary part 9

After some deliberating I decided to make this a short post, instead of a slightly longer post with only half of day 16 in it. This means that you can look forward to nice and a long post after this one!

Day 15


Now that we were both semi rested it was finally time to check out the amazing snow sculptures properly! I was surprised at just how big Odori park was. To say that there was a lot to see is a bit of an understatement.



The scale of some of the ice sculptures were just on a whole different level. Many of the main feature pieces were several stories high and just looking at them made me feel miniscule. I can only imagine how much time and effort went into constructing these things. They weren’t just massive, but some of them were also unbelievably intricate and detailed as well.

There were some other smaller and more compact snow sculptures. I was particularly taken with this baymax one, and also some of the poor pitiful looking sculptures that had already started to melt a little.


Unfortunately, like in Susukino the heat had destroyed some of the art works. I like to call this one ‘broken dreams’.

Before we knew it, it was already lunch. I was keen to check out soup curry, which is also another Hokkaido speciality. Ryan was sceptical about the taste and even more sceptical about the line that greeted us when we went to Suage, a famous soup curry place. However, I’m glad to say that the taste won him over by the end.

Feeling warm again we decided to take a bus to Tsudome and brave the cold. As you may have already gathered the Snow Festival is split amongst several areas. Tsudome is more of an outdoors/active area and also a playground for kids. Being big kids, we really enjoyed it, apart from the freezing cold that is.

I think the snow somehow made me extra tired, because after this I was ready to sleep again. However, instead of wasting time napping, we chose to do something a little more productive instead. We decided to check out the view from an observatory tower in one of the department stores. Sadly, the cold addled my mind and I don’t exactly remember where this was. However, the view was simply breathtaking. The way Japan lights up at night is really something to behold. That aside, it was also a great chance to rest my feet.



We couldn’t decide what to eat so ramen for dinner again!  No complaints here though.

To round things off, a few more photos of the main odori site, lit up at night. There were some stages and performances too but I think our timing was a bit off and we missed a lot of them. I felt sorry for the few performers that we did see though. They were dressed in skimpy outfits despite the blistering cold and had to perform their way through it!



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