Japan Travel Diary Part 7


Japan Travel Diary Part 7

At long last an update! I’ve been really busy with uni work lately, but things have slowed down enough (for now!) to write up a quick blog post.

This post just roughly goes through what I did for a few days in Tokyo. It’s going to be pretty light on description and more of an image post. This is because… I really didn’t do much the next few days except for catch up with people and relax. Additionally, I hope to do a separate write up on my tips to shopping in Tokyo which will cover a lot of what I did.

Day 9



This day was actually pretty exciting! We were going to visit a fancy restaurant that I had booked a few weeks before our trip. This was one of my first visits to Ebisu and there were a few mishaps with our booking but everything worked out surprisingly well. I won’t go into detail, because to do the whole thing justice I’m going to do another blog post on it.

After a hectic few days of travel and activities Day 9 was surprisingly tame. Apart from lunch we didn’t have much planned except for a catch up with some friends who were in Tokyo at the time. We had a GIANT parfait from the famous Shibuya Nishimura fruits parlour and further indulged at an izakaya which specialised in chicken dishes. The night was perfectly rounded out by a boisterous round of karaoke, which I will not post any pictures or videos of, to save everyone’s dignity and hearing ahaha.

1123 1131

1132 1134

Day 10


This was also another fancy restaurant day which will also be the subject of another blog post! This time we hit up Ginza. We didn’t stay long, though I would have loved to take photos in front of the famous Sukiybashi Jiro and pick up some sweets from the world famous patisseries.

I had organised to meet up with a good friend that I had made while on exchange. Catching up with her again was just unbelievably lovely. It’s strange and wonderful to think that thanks to exchange I know all these people from all over the world and had the privilege of sharing my life with them for 6 months.

1173 1174 1177

Enough of the sappy stuff now, in more important news, she also told more about Shirokuma café. In a lovely circular way, I introduced her to the manga (which is about a lazy panda and a cafe that is owned by a polar bear) and she introduced me to the real life version of the café in the manga! Shirokuma café is located in a fairly nondescript part of Tokyo that is a bit off the beaten track. It is a bit of a walk from Takadanobaba station, which is a university area.

The café itself is unbelievably charming, even for people who may not have seen the anime or read the manga. The theme is rather restrained, but somehow still everywhere. When you walk in there is shirokuma café paraphernalia on display, and cute character hats that you can try on and take photos with. A little further in, there are giant plush toys of penguin and panda sitting at the counter, just like they do in the manga!

1178 1187

Unfortunately there is no table service, and you have to order at the counter but the cuteness of the food more than makes up for it. It was also surprisingly tasty and well priced for a themed café.

If you’re interested in checking it out see the website for their seasonal menu and exact location: http://www.shirokumacafe.net/

Inspired by the tasty food I had eaten and photos that I had seen on instagram, I suggested that we go check out sky tree by night. Typically, I quickly lost motivation when I realised that getting to sky tree was going to be on the expensive side and a bit of a hassle. Instead we settled on taking photos around Asakusa with sky tree in the distance!


Day 11-12



At this point my bf had to leave to attend a wedding in the Philippines leaving me alone for the next few days. Happily I used this time to meet up with even more friends and shop my heart out!


One of my senpais from tea ceremony club invited me out for soft fluffy Japanese style pancakes in a fairly cute little residential area close to Koenji. She also won the cutest fluffy hamster from a claw machine!


Soon after I met up with another group of friends for Japanese style pasta and dessert with plenty of conversation. Before heading back to the hostel to get ready for a super early morning flight to Hokkaido the next day!



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