Japan Travel Diary part 6


Japan Travel Diary part 6

Back to our regularaly scheduled programming with more travel posts!

Day 7


837 845

On the shinkansen ride from Osaka to Tokyo we passed by some areas that were snowing like crazy. Luckily we were inside the train, riding smoothly with a errr, nutritious breakfast of Pablo and green tea. The premium Pablo is unabashedly cheesy and rich making it difficult to consume the whole thing in one sitting, unlike the usual ones.

848 849

As it was a long train ride we also tucked into some train bentos, which we bought at the station.

Somehow we managed to navigate the always busy and always confusing Tokyo station and ended up where we needed to be, leaving our luggage with the front desk. I was keen to start shopping and decided to go somewhere that even Ryan could enjoy.


855 857

Koenji is a fantastic place for vintage shopping, especially for vintage men’s wear. There are a tonne of guides online as to the various stores but I think it’s nice just to wander around the main streets and walk into any and every store that you find interesting. Luckily for the caffeine addicted Ryan, Koenji is also home to some fairly good coffee at café Amp. We also picked up some cute donuts from Floresta donuts.


That night we decided to buy the tickets to go to Disney Sea the next day. The closest Disney store to us was the one in sunshine city in Ikebukuro. The queue was surprisingly long just to buy tickets for future visits. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with parfaits and sandwiches from Milky Way Café. As always the parfaits were perfectly istagrammable and went down a treat though the fruit they use is usually on the frozen side.

Day 8

Tokyo (But really Chiba)


Disney Sea! We had both never been to any of the Disney theme parks before so this was new for both of us. Naturally we decided to visit Disney Sea because it’s unique to Japan. To be honest I don’t really remember much about how to get there, just that I overslept and that you change trains at Maihara station. Although, at this stage there were already plenty of people with Disney paraphernalia who were also clearly going to Disney land. It would be just as easy to follow them instead of looking up directions yourself ahaha.

When we got there, there was already a massive queue outside the park gates even though they hadn’t even opened yet. The funniest thing was that once the gates opened everyone was running into the park (no doubt trying to be the first to secure fast passes) despite all the staff holding signs and repeating over and over that guests shouldn’t run.

As for Disney sea, it was really stunning visually with amazing architecture and lots of little hidden Disney secrets everywhere. The lightshow at the end of the day on the water was unlike anything else and the theatre they had on was also amazing. I’ll leave you with a few (by a few a mean, a lot) of photos just to labour the point even more. Ahahaha. We also ate a lot of popcorn.

877 881

888 890

898 903

943 1001 948 944


We stayed at the My-stays in Inaricho. This was actually fairly far from Ueno station (around 15 minutes from Ueno) but really close to Inaricho station on the metro. This was a little inconvenient as walking in the blistering cold was painful but for trains there were also usually line changes.

Site: http://www.mystays.com/e/location/ueno-inaricho/?_ga=1.131314956.2039490190.1438176940

In comparison to the Kyoto one this was a lot older and also a bit more cramped. The building is an old converted apartment and when you’re living there it clearly feels like it, with a kitchenette and the fact that you need to take out the trash by yourself.

918 894 915

Disney sea

Official website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tds/

At Disney Sea be mindful of the park’s opening and closing times. We went on a day when the park closed earlier than usual which was fine by us as we were exhausted and freezing, but if you want to get the most out of the day keep an eye on opening times.

If you’re dead set on going on a particular ride make sure you also check the maintenance for rides as some of them might be out of order on the day. I was a little bit bummed that we couldn’t go on Journey to the centre of the earth that day as it was closed for maintenance.

Make sure you use the fast passes to save yourself some time in line. Keep in mind that you can only get another fast pass when you’ve finished the fast pass t hat you’re on. With the more popular rides like tower of terror you may be waiting for some time if you get that as your first pass and by then the other fast passes may already be done with for the day!



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