Japan Travel Diary Part 2


Exams are finally finished! Time to update this thing!

Travel Diary: Japan 2015 part 2

Day 2

I’m not going to lie, this morning was really stressful. I had booked a rental kimono session before arriving in Japan and this was the date that we were supposed to be getting dressed and going around Kyoto. However, on the day it was raining like crazy and we had both woken up a little bit later than we should have. I was really frantic about things not going to plan, when my boyfriend calmed me down and said that we should try calling the place and moving times to tomorrow.

This in itself also turned out to be pretty stressful. I hate talking on the phone normally, and talking on the phone in a foreign language is 100x worse.  Especially because I’m not all that confident in my Japanese and at times rely on body language to read people. Somehow, I managed to get through the phone call and re-arrange times for tomorrow despite not really catching some of what was said at the end of the call.


That left us with the rest of the day to spend doing pretty much whatever we liked. We decided to wander around the nearby nijo markets and eat some of the tasty food for breakfast. I had a coffee that was pretty average, but really amazing mini donuts made from tofu and a delicious green tea ice cream. This ice cream thing is a trend that you will see continue through out this trip despite the freezing cold!

097 098

Turns out the markets sort of led towards Teramachi which is one of the shopping districts of Kyoto. I spent a little bit of time in WE-GO (A Japanese fast fashion brand that you will see pretty much everywhere) and bought a cute maroon beret. Like the ones that you see pictured on the rack. Later on the trip I lost the beret and I’m still looking for one to replace it.

With the rest of the day stretching out in front of us we decided to visit fushimi inari shrine. In my opinion this is a must do if you’re in Kyoto. My boyfriend and I had both been before but neither of us had ever gotten to the top before. So, this time we made it our goal to climb all the stairs and go through all the gates! The shrine is always so beautiful with all the gates. It is a little bit crowded at the bottom but as you keep climbing up the crowds thin out, especially nearing  late afternoon or evening.
101 106

Photos because it’s just so so so lovely. (Also Cats!)
117 120

125 139 173

122 142

After working up a sweat it was time for more food! Earlier in the day when we were strolling through teramachi, this store with green banners had caught our eye. The interesting name also helped. ‘The world’s second most delicious freshly baked melon pan ice cream’ certainly lived up to its name, and perhaps even exceeded it. It was the most delicious (and only) melon pan ice cream that I’ve had before. The melon pan was freshly baked so it was still a little bit warm, and the sticks coming out of it were crispy like biscuits, even though I’m pretty sure it was also bread. If you ever see this store around on your Japan travels I 100% recommend it, no matter how cold it is.

To cap off the day we also had some dinner at a family diner. As always Japanese food looks really appetising. The fried chicken was also exceptionally good for such a random place.


That’s it for the second day. I’m pretty sure my legs were shaking from all the stair climbing my unfit self was doing. Hopefully I can update again soon!


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