Haul Haul Haul (part 1)


I have a tiny bit of a problem. When I am stressed, especially late at night, I like to buy things. Recently I’ve had a few assignments to write and a few (very) late nights. As a result I have a lot of nice new things. I’m currently waiting for a second round of packages to arrive but I thought that I would post up a small haul post.

First, my Yahoo Auctions haul. In a classic tale of Lolita heart break, I was outbid on a dress that I really wanted. (Well a few dresses that I really wanted to be honest) In my bitter indignation and outrage I just randomly revenge bid on an assortment of other items.

tops iw shoes

I am really happy with the vintage axes femme hat and the innocent world shoes. On the other hand I am bit sad about the fit of the BTSSB blouse. It looks cute under a JSK but I think my bust might be a touch too big for it and the colour is a bit on the unusual side making it difficult to co-ord. The other things I got were a Mary Magdalene cardigan and Liz Lisa Dress. Bidding on all these small items really slayed me when it came to paying the shipping and commissions fees. I totally underestimated how much internal shipping in Japan would be and forgot to take into account the 5% fees that are charged when it comes to payment.

bl shoes

Now, onto my bodyline order. I saw that Bodyline was having a sale so I decided to get some more shoes to replace mine that were falling apart and also some items for a cosplay that I may or may not do…

sad scuff

I already own the pink shoes in red, dark red and black but they are so versatile and cheap that I could totally justify getting another pair. The only thing I am bit disappointed about is the fact that Bodyline shipped these out in a large parcel instead of a box. As a result my shoes arrived a little bit scuffed. I’m not terribly fussed as I scuff my shoes like crazy and this would have happened anyway but it is a bit of a downgrade from the last time I bought shoes from them and they came in the shoe boxes and in pristine condition.

detail dat ap lace

Last but not least, I actually bought this dress first from lacemarket. However a tough time with USPS and their not so great tracking meant that this came last out of all my packages. Earlier this year I was just overcome with the desire to collect more sweet dresses and was on a desperate hunt for my AP dream pieces. Soon after one of my all time dream dresses popped up on lace market. Petit Patisserie! In Mint! I somewhat overpaid for it due to the terrible exchange rate but it is so adorable and the illustrations are just delicious. Even thinking about the cake on the dress makes me a bit hungry.

petite patisserie


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