Strawberry Marmalade by Down the Rabbit Hole [Indie Brand review]


I had this typed out a while back but then my computer shut down without my saving anything…. So I got frustrated and put this review off for a while. Here it is now though! Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Strawberry Marmalade by Down the Rabbit Hole [Indie Brand review]



I first saw this dress on facebook and immediately fell in love. I found the print so adorable and charming but at the same time I wanted to save up for my upcoming trip to Japan. It comes in 4 unique colours, beige, brown, blue and pink. I ordered the beige in S/M after some facebook consultation I decided on the beige.

Down The Rabbit Hole is a new indie brand based on Korea. From what I can tell their first release is Strawberry Marmalade.

Their fb is:
Their naver (Korean) is:

Order process:

For reference, the timeline that they gave on their fb was:

Reservation period : 2-Jan/15 ~ 11-Jan/15
Making period : 12-Jan/15 ~ 13-Feb/15
Sending period : 16-Feb/15 ~ 25-Feb/15

Like with most other indie brands, down the rabbit hole requires an email order. Cutting it close, I emailed on the last day of reservation 11th Jan. As always it was pretty straightforward but I made a minor mistake in saying that I wanted the white colour way. They were quick to respond and confirmed that I meant beige. They invoiced me on 12th of Jan. Unfortunately that’s where things became not so smooth. After paying there were no updates from Down the Rabbit Hole. As making a dress takes some time I wasn’t all that worried, however as time went on there were no updates on their fb or naver page of what the status of the dresses were. As this was a new indie brand I started to get rather nervous, fearful that I wouldn’t end up getting a dress at all!

On the 15th of Feb after I returned from my trip overseas I finally contacted them. They replied the next day saying that the dress was in the finishing stages but shipping would be a bit delayed because there was a public holiday in Korea at the time and the post would be closed. As promised in the email, the dress was shipped on the 23rd of Feb and Down The Rabbit Hole emailed me with the tracking number.  It arrived prettily quickly soon after as expected of EMS.



It came in a nice large box (with some confused ticks and crosses on the shipping confirmation ahahaha) that was well taped up. In addition they included some cute, seemingly handmade candy and a handwritten note on some adorably cute stationary. The waist bow was also packaged neatly.

The dress:

The fabric is a textured cotton. It is a bit rougher and thicker than similar cottons from the brand dresses that I own. The only problem with this type of material and this dress colour is that it tends to attract a lot of dust/flyaway bits and it really stands out against the light beige.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The dress is fully lined and the stitching inside and out is very neat. There were hardly any loose threads. The back of the dress features shirring and some lacing. As mentioned in the enclosed note, this type of lacing tends to be more on the fragile side and if you tug too hard the lace might end up breaking ;A; I tend to really dislike this sort of shirring as I’m always worried about the lace getting tugged too hard but I will say that it tends to look cuter.


You can also see that the buttons are a cute little ribbon shape and a very shiny gold colour. It’s a bit hard to get the buttons through the holes but I think that will be fixed with more wear. The strap is also longer so if you have a longer or shorter torso you can re-adjust the strap length.


What made me a little hesitant in ordering was the lace. I didn’t really like the lace detailing on the bodice or as a trim in the stock photos, but it actually looks rather nice in real life. Though not nearly as detailed as say AP lace the flower trim gives the dress a whimsical and casual feel.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Now onto the print. Unfortunately it doesn’t line up at the bodice, but this was already evident from the stock pictures. However, the main skirt portion is beautiful. The print is crisp and vibrant and oh so adorable! This is listed as the beige colourway but it is definitely a bit more yellow toned than the stock photos make it look.


The one obvious flaw that I noticed as soon as I pulled it out of the bag was this small mark on the bodice area. I assume this is chalk or ink from the manufacturing process but it is easily washed off.

The fit:

I was a bit worried about the bodice fitting very strangely at first, but overall the fit is very good. There is a little more room than I like at the top of the bodice, at times creating a bit of a gape but I’m sure this could be fixed by lacing it a bit more tightly.

It looks best with moderate amounts of puff in my opinion. Here are some co-ords that I wore with it.One more casual and the other for my local communities Easter meet up. As the days get shorter it’s harder to get good photos so sorry about the weird lighting.



Ease of ordering: 5/5
Communication: 2.5/5
Product: 4/5
Total: 3.8/5
Overall, I really love the jsk, minor things aside. For a new brand the product is really polished and branding super clear. The main issue I had was, of course, with the lack of communication with Down the Rabbit Hole. As they are new onto the scene I hope that they sort out the communication problems as they continue to do more releases. Even a few update pictures on their websites would be helpful. Otherwise, the end product is lovely and I think I will be wearing this one a fair bit.

DSC_0456 DSC_0455  DSC_0459

That was a bit long. Thanks for sticking with me to the end!


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Marmalade by Down the Rabbit Hole [Indie Brand review]

  1. Thanks for writing this review, I always love hearing about new indie lolita brands. I really love this dress and wanted to check out their page but the link just keeps redirecting to the Facebook main page for me– idk if it’s me or the link is broken?


    1. Thanks for replying! Thanks for alerting me. I think they might have taken down their fb page as I can’t search them up anymore.
      Their Naver still works though. I’m not sure what this means. Maybe they are getting ready for a new release or worst case they have stopped releasing to an international audience.


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