Over the moon for Moomin

This is a little throwback to my time studying aboard in Japan in the Spring/Summer of 2014. Moomin foods Before going to Japan I did not know all that much about Moomin, but I had seen pictures of Moomin cafe floating around on the internet. The friendly looking Moomin plushies and just the general decor looked so adorable, putting it at the top of my ‘must visit’ cafes when I went to Tokyo. Luckily one of my friends, Jeremy, who is teaching English in Japan was willing to come on this little adventure with me. So one sunny April Sunday we set off to dine with Moomin. The cafe that we went to is located in Tokyo Dome City, a short walk from Suidobashi station. Even with the power of google maps helping us at first we were a little confused as to where the cafe was and ended up wandering up and down the street and a bridge a few times. Eventually we realised that it was actually inside the small amusement park that we could see from the bridge. DSC02256   Being a weekend, the line for the cafe was rather… sizable to say the least. One thing about Japan (and Melbourne actually) is that people are really willing to line up for things. So, if you do go anywhere popular I suggest bringing a buddy who you can chat with! Jeremy and I had some sneaky crepes while in line and caught up with each other. DSC02259 DSC02261   The interior of the cafe is utterly charming with Moomin characters decorating the walls and ceiling. The decor had the whimsical feel of the Finnish story books and the staff were also dressed in adorable uniforms. We were just a touch too late to have the lunch menu, so we picked from the tea time menu instead. As with all themed cafes the food is a bit more expensive than your regular run of the mill cafe. The good thing about the Moomin cafe though, is that with the meals there is all you can eat bread and that the food is actually pretty tasty. We ordered lattes decorated with the Moomin characters for drinks and a soup/salad set as well as a omurice. Notice how cute the cutlery is! DSC02266 In the cafe there are lots of plushies of Moomin characters who sit with you while you dine. For this reason Moomin cafe has become sort of internet famous as the ‘anti-loneliness cafe in Japan’.  The staff come around and say that there is someone who would like to dine with you and then they place a plush at your table. As the meal goes on they tend to rotate the plushies around as well so that you get to sit with a few different characters. At first Moomin Papa came to sit with us and then Moomin Mama arrived! 

DSC02268Moomin papap feasts on sweets

(Yes, we also had sweets because we are fatties)

There’s also a gift shop and bakery attached to the cafe. It had all sorts of goodies, like the cutlery that you use in the cafe, pens, bentos and key chains. I bought some post cards and a little folder. Then we wandered around the amusement park, looking at the kids running around, the Ferris Wheel and also the surprisingly intense looking roller coaster. DSC02286I definitely recommend visiting the Moomin cafe if you ever have the chance. Like all themed cafes the food isn’t the best in the world but it is cute and rather tasty.  Moreover,  the atmosphere of the place is worth experiencing at least once. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Moomin! To be honest, I wasn’t before this visit, but the cafe converted me over to loving the cute little troll creature.

If you’re interested in going visit the homepage for more info: http://www.benelic.com/moomin_cafe/tokyo_dome/  Take note of the opening hours, as well as the last order times. Also, if you’re dead set on eating something particular take note of the menus and what time of the day they change. I would say, be prepared to go earlier than the times, as you may have to wait in line for a while.  Lastly, my oot for the day. Sorry for how blurry the photo is! You can see the entrance of my dorm in this photo and my shoe closet though. 

DSC02254Wig: Bodyline  Shirt: Taobao  Skirt: Bought in Shimokitazawa  Socks: Tutuanna  Cardigan: Wonder Rocket  Shoes: Bought in Shinsaibashi

Let me know if you’ve been to Moomin cafe and your impressions. See you soon! (I hope) 


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